Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 569

After understanding Olivia’s words, North cocked his tiny head and looked at Brian. “Thank you, Uncle Brian!’ he said politely. However, Brian wasn’t used to such a well- behaved North, and the man smiled faintly. “Goodness, when did you become this polite?”

North looked at him and casually said, “If your company encounters any technical difficulties in the future…”

Then, he purposely trailed off. “What are you planning to do? Are you going to take my money again? I’ve just saved you, but you’re trying to get back at me now. How ungrateful are you?” Brian replied immediately.

When North heard that, he pouted his lips. “You didn’t even finish listening to what I have to say before losing your temper. You’re so antsy!” Brian was rendered speechless. Meanwhile, Eugene and Olivia remained quiet as they looked on silently with eyes full of tenderness.

Then, North said calmly, “I wanted to say that from now on, if your company encounters any technical problems, you can always come to me. I’ll do it for free!”

However, Brian stared at him with a dark gaze. “Little brat, you only know how to bully me. I’ve just saved you, so can’t you treat me a little better?” At that, Eugene glared at his brother. “Isn’t that good enough for you? Do you know how many people want to hire him but can’t? Do you know how much it costs to hire him? You’ve just hit the jackpot!’ Brian furrowed his brows tightly. “What do you mean?”

“Do you know who my son is?” Eugene smiled while a hint of pride appeared in his eyes. Meanwhile, Brian was at a loss. “Who is he?

Isn’t he your son and my nephew?” “That’s nothing. I’ve offered him 20 million to help look into someone back then, but he still turned me down,” Eugene uttered coldly.

After listening to him, Brian looked at North in shock. At the moment, the kid was smiling brightly after hearing what Olivia had to say to him.

Looking at the boy, Brian felt his heart. softening. He really is my nephew. Whenever I look at him, I always feel a strange sense of closeness. Even though this little brat always tries to act cool and isn’t that easy to get along with, I know that I’ve slowly gotten close with him.

He knew that Eugene was trying to show his own son off to him, so he gave Eugene the chance for the sake of his nephew. “He has a better identity than that?”

Eugene smiled faintly. “He is Wily Rabbit. What say you?”

Brian furrowed his brows as he still couldn’t understand what he had heard. “Of course it is. better. Isn’t he the core member of the Will-o’- Wisp Headquarters? He is unmatched in the computer world. Back then, he even hacked into the Pentagon, as if no one was there. Are you telling me that your son knows Wily Rabbit?”

Eugene straightened his clothes and replied. arrogantly, “No. My son doesn’t know him because he is him!” A stunned Brian stared at North’s tender face in disbelief and mumbled, “Your son is the Wily Rabbit?”

Seeing his shocked face, Eugene was finally satisfied as he boasted, “What do you think? Do you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot?” Brian pointed at North. ‘Are you telling me that Wily Rabbit is just a little brat? Are you kidding me?”

North looked at his uncle and replied calmly, “Are you looking down on me?” In the meantime, Brian rubbed his face with both his palms, as if he was dreaming. Am I having illusions because too much blood was drawn out of me just now?

This kid isn’t even 7 years old, so how could he be Wily Rabbit? Is this a joke? Wily Rabbit has been a legend in the industry for two years. Are you telling me that all of this was started by a 5-year-old kid?

Looking at his expression, Eugene couldn’t help but hold back his laughter. “Have you finally realized it now?”

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