Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 568

“Alright. Stop. It doesn’t matter whether you two had a relationship, Kate replied.

“Katie- She suddenly looked at him. “Can you please stop?” She was getting upset again but at the same time, she couldn’t describe her own emotions.

It felt as though a man who cheated on his wife in his marriage had now come back and told her that he actually loved her after leaving for a while.

Can I accept him back unconditionally? Can I feel at peace with myself? Of course not! But can I say that I don’t have any feelings for him after he cheated on me? Will my feelings disappear all of a sudden? Never! Then, Kate inexplicably began to resent and blame herself for being spineless. No wonder I’m not taken seriously by anyone.

Just like that, she got herself entangled in a continuous and torturous cycle. At the same time, Nathan breathed a long sigh. He could understand her confusion and contradiction, but he did all he could to explain. to her. Now, he didn’t know what else he could do as he felt at a loss.

In the ward, North just woke up. When he opened his eyes and saw Eugene next to him along with Olivia, his tiny eyes lit up excitedly. “Mommy!”

Hearing his voice, Olivia almost shed a tear, as the past few hours were torture to her. “My baby.” She gently leaned over to hug him and asked, “How are you feeling? Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

He thought about it and answered, “My arm hurts.” She was surprised to hear that. “Let me see.” Then, North rolled up the sleeves of the hospital gown he was wearing. “Here.”

All of a sudden, she was relieved. “It’s fine. It’s from the needle that was injected into you to draw your blood. Do you know that you almost died? I was scared to death.” He looked confused. “What happened to me?”

“Didn’t you feel uncomfortable before you passed out?” “It was uncomfortable. I couldn’t breathe and my head became dizzy. I just wanted to sleep.” He nodded his tiny head.

“You were poisoned. There was candy in the pocket of your shirt. Do you still remember who gave it to you?” North was stunned. “Candy? I didn’t take candy from anyone.”

Listening to him, Olivia breathed a helpless sigh before looking at Eugene. “Then, someone must have put it in your pocket on purpose. That thing is highly toxic but luckily, you didn’t eat it.”

“Also, that hourglass in our office might be toxic too,” Eugene added. “Do you think Anna did it?” North was shocked listening to him. “Fortunately, you exposed her in time. Otherwise, the two of us would be poisoned,” Eugene replied. North looked at him. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Your mommy said that I wasn’t exposed to the poison for too long and I’m an adult, so I’m more resistant than you. Also, that candy in your pocket is highly toxic, and you carried it with you most of the time.”

Olivia was still in fear. “The doctor and I looked into the poison just now. It evaporates faster once in contact with water. Luckily, you didn’t wash his clothes. Or else, you’ll be poisoned too.”

Meanwhile, Brian felt left out while lying on another bed. I know that they ignore me all the time, but has no one thought of me since the kid woke up?

“Hey… His voice suddenly attracted the eyes of the other three. “Why has no one noticed me since he woke up? Little brat, do you know that it was me who saved you?”

Olivia smiled embarrassedly and explained to North, “He’s right. North, it was Uncle Brian who gave you his blood. At that time, you were in a critical situation and there wasn’t time to transfer any blood from the blood bank. Your Uncle Eugene was also poisoned, so he didn’t want to give you his blood in fear that your body couldn’t handle it. In the end, Uncle Brian transferred a lot of his blood to you. He became so weak now just to save you. That’s why you must thank him.”

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