Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 567

If the owner had not inadvertently said what he said, Nathan would have never realized the truth. No wonder she found a boyfriend at the same time I found a girlfriend. Is this how it actually happened? In fact, she was waiting for me, right?

She was waiting for me to notice her when I changed my girlfriend. She was waiting for me to notice that she actually liked me, but I… never noticed her. I still remember that night she said that the two of us should get together since we were the same people in distress.

But what did I say? I seemed to have joked with her afterward, saying that best friends shouldn’t be together. I’m really an idiot. Why didn’t I hear what her heart was saying at that time? Why couldn’t I notice that it was bleeding? How many times have I unintentionally hurt her?

In the meantime, Kate smiled awkwardly. “I still have to thank you all for that time.” “You’re welcome. We’re all old friends, so please come back often.” “Alright.” She took over the lunch box. “We are leaving now. We’ll talk again next time!”

After that, she left the restaurant and placed the lunch box on the passenger seat in front before carefully helping Nathan open the car door. When he sat inside the car, she closed the door.

For some reason, he felt a little guilty watching her getting into the car quietly and driving it out smoothly. He could only blame himself for always arguing” with her instead of looking at her properly.

In fact, he realized that she looked quite pretty. She had a pair of large dark eyes but of course, they looked fierce most of the time. No matter it was him or Olivia who was bullied, she would always step up for them just like today. She wasn’t sure whether she could win

or not, but her spirit was always there. His lips naturally formed a smile, but it suddenly disappeared afterward because he realized that she probably no longer saw him that way anymore. Then, he thought about what she said at the hospital, so he couldn’t help but ask, “When did you and Olivia run into Melanie?”

Upon hearing that, Kate furrowed her brows unintentionally while a sense of disgust began to surge from her heart. As she tightened her hands around the steering wheel, she glanced at him coldly and replied, “What’s the problem? Are you afraid that I would do something to her?”

Nathan also frowned. ‘No. I’m worried that you would be taken advantage of.” She chuckled right after. “Ha!” Her smile was full of coldness and sarcasm, as if she had heard something very funny, but she had nothing else to say.

Listening to her laugh, Nathan felt strangely embarrassed. Even though he was actually worried for her, it would be hard for her to trust him again after he harmed her because of Melanie.

Suddenly, he felt helpless, as if he had gone to great lengths to explain something to her, but he wasn’t able to prove it. “It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. I’m actually worried about you.”

Kate looked at him and replied with intent, “It would be a lot easier if she didn’t have any helpers, but I can’t help that she always has so many blind people around her who are willing to look out for her.”

Nathan knew that her words were directed at him, but he didn’t care. Instead, he cared whether she was hurt. “What about you? Were you hurt?”

She glanced at him before calmly withdrawing her eyes and answered coldly, “No!” He furrowed his brows, but he wasn’t willing to let the question go and he asked again, “Who is the one who helped her?”

Kate slowly blinked her eyes and said faintly, “What are you going to do? Are you planning to fight her?”

He froze for a moment. “I’m just afraid that she will bully you. I have nothing to do with her anymore. No! What I meant is that I never had any relationship with her either. Don’t listen to her nonsense.”

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