Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 566

“What’s wrong with what I said? It’s true that Olivia is a shameless sl*t. Doesn’t she feel disgusted being with multiple men?” The moment her words came out, she immediately received a slap, and it was followed by Kate’s cold voice. “How dare you?!”

The woman held her face and blew a gasket as she rushed toward Kate. However, Nathan stepped forward to grab the woman’s wrist with his left hand before uttering in a cold voice. “What are you trying to do? Don’t you know you should be embarrassed?”

At the moment, the people dining in the restaurant and the owner all came to calm down the situation. “Please don’t fight here. Let’s talk through this.” “He’s right. If it’s nothing serious, let’s just talk this out.”

However, the woman replied, “What do you mean ‘just talk this out’? You are not the one in a fight, alright?! We were just having a chat when she came to flip our table like a lunatic and slapped me. Does she think she owns the place?”

Kate gave her a fierce stare. “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t f*cking take it! You better wait and see. I’ll show you today what trouble your mouth can get you!”

With that, Kate took out her phone and was about to call the police. Looking at her, the woman was a little scared. She actually took her phone out. Is that even necessary?

The crowd also began to calm Kate down. “Forget about it. It’s nothing serious anyway. I believe that they didn’t say that on purpose.” “That’s right. The police will only come here to mediate the situation. We shouldn’t be wasting their time.”

Listening to the person, Kate let out a grunt.. “Mediate? Publicly degrading or damaging another person’s character and reputation is called slander, and if the circumstances are serious, it is punishable by up to three years of fixed-term imprisonment, detention, control or deprivation of political rights.”

At that point, the crowd started to urge the other three women to stop. “You should apologize to her quickly. Let’s not mention whether or not this counts as slander. If your names are recorded by the police, it will only affect your future jobs.”

“That’s right. You should just apologize. To be. honest, you shouldn’t talk bad about someone behind their backs in the first place.”

Listening to them, the women looked at Kate’s determined face and didn’t dare to provoke her anymore, so they smiled and said, “Please don’t call the police. We’ll apologize to you, okay?”

The other woman added, “She’s right. We were just bored, so we decided to talk about some hot topics on the Internet.” Then, Kate casted her gaze at the woman with a sharp tongue.

Although the woman didn’t want to get the police involved, she still felt aggrieved after receiving a slap for no reason. “But she slapped me!”

“Looks like we have to call the police after all. Once they arrive here later on, you can explain to them why I slapped you. Also, are you really going to tell them how you slandered my best friend’s name in public?”

Meanwhile, the other two women whispered to urge the woman with a sharp tongue to stop. “Let’s not cause a fuss here.” “Just apologize to her. It’s nothing anyway.”

In the end, the woman said unwillingly, “I’m sorry!” Finally, Kate withdrew her gaze and looked at the owner. “I’ll pay for the broken utensils.” The owner smiled. “You are still as brilliant as before.”

She smiled back at him. “Do you still remember me?”

“How could I not? I still remember that a few years ago, you gave that man a slap when he started to take advantage of you while you were having your meal. He hit you back in the end, but we were there to help you out. Then, it was this fella who carried you back home,” the owner said while pointing at Nathan.

Immediately, Nathan remembered about the past. When I came to pick her up, the man had already left. She said that it was because her boyfriend cheated on her, so she hit her, but then he hit her back.

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