Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 510

Chapter 510 Clash With The Quintets

North nodded. “I’ll get Mommy to sign me up for martial arts class tomorrow, then!”

“Okay, but you shouldn’t only be learning martial arts. You need to work on your knowledge too. That way, you’ll be able to defeat any rival in love who comes your way,” Eugene added. North obediently nodded. “Okay.”

Late at night, Eugene’s phone suddenly rang. He hastily declined the call. It turned out that he forgot to silence it earlier. He then glanced at North, who was deeply asleep, and mentally let out a long sigh. Fortunately, North hadn’t woken up from the noise.

Clumsily, Eugene got out of bed. It wasn’t until he reached the living room that he pulled out his phone and called the number from earlier. The phone only rang for a second before the call went through.

“Hey, Mr. Nolan? It’s me, Pele. The Quintets are gathered at Blue Sky Tower, looking to get payback on Mr. Mccarthy. I’m worried that he’s going to get his face kicked in, so I called you. Hurry up and get here.”

Eugene was taken aback. Weren’t The Quintets a little too reckless? He hadn’t even gone and gotten revenge on them yet, and here they were, voluntarily delivering themselves to his doorstep?

“Has Brian done something again?”

“He caught Tres today!” Pele answered.

At that, Eugene froze. When he was on the way back from Ruby Palace yesterday, he had received a call from Brian. When Brian asked him who robbed Olivia, he didn’t intend to hide anything with Brian, so he told him who the culprit was. Though he hadn’t thought that Brian would be so impulsive as to catch Tres without even so much as a discussion beforehand.

“How many people are there?”

“A few dozen, probably. Every one of The Quintets’ members have been deployed. The entire lobby is filled with their men. We don’t even have twenty people here on our side,” Pele answered somewhat nervously.

“Got it. I’ll be there soon,” Eugene said. He then hung up and began to make the necessary preparations on his phone.

Before he left, Eugene returned to his room to look at the sleeping North. The boy even looked happy. It seemed that he wasn’t having a nightmare. Eugene had thought he could spend the night with his child, but it turned out… That younger brother of his was even more worrying than his son…

Meanwhile, the lobby at Blue Sky Tower was in absolute chaos. Both sides had confronted each other and the situation was tense, as though rivers of blood would begin to flow the moment someone made a mistake.

A man stood at the head of The Quintets, short as a barrel but as thick as two of them. He was the second-highest guy in the hierarchy, and everyone called him Dos. Dos was a man with an explosive temper, and he was also explosive, worthy of his rank as number two in The Quintets.

Right now, he was yelling his heart out as he pointed at Brian. “Quit yer jabbering and let Tres go, or I’m gonna mop the floor with your blood.”

Brian lowered his gaze and chuckled, all while making himself look inoffensive. “You’re not all that tall, yet you talk big. If you wish to stay here and join your buddy, well, I can make that wish come true!”

Dos guffawed wildly. “Hahaha… You’re dreaming, right? Are you blind? Do you see how many people I have here?”

“So what? You still won’t win against me with those numbers!” Brian replied flippantly.

Dos’ eyes nearly bugged out of his skull from anger as he pointed at Brian and screamed. “Holy f*cking hell, you’re a madman. Boys, get him. I’m gonna make you know the reason why roses are red!”

Brian also urged his own men forward. “Go. For each of Dos’ men you capture, you’ll get a million in cash!”

Dos did not want to back down either, for he yelled at his followers, “Boys, grab Brian. I’ll give 10 million to whoever that manages to do so. Get him!”

Both sides immediately charged at each other. The noise rattled the room. Right at this crucial moment, a cold and sarcastic voice rang out from outside. “Such big words!”

Everyone’s gazes swiveled toward the voice the moment they heard that. A man proceeded to stride in. He was tall, and his legs were long. Clad in a windbreaker, the man exuded a harsh, frigid aura. A murderous look was written all over his face. Who else could this be, other than Eugene?

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