Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 509

Chapter 509 Precocious Crush

Eugene had no idea how to explain this to North. He had been smitten with Olivia since the beginning, purely out of the most basic biological instinct. In other words, love at first sight. Later on, he gradually realized that he wasn’t interested in other women anymore. It was like that part down there would only muster itself for one person. No matter who the other woman was, Eugene just couldn’t get it up.

As time went on, Eugene had to admit that he might have fallen in love with a woman that he had slept with once and now wanted to sleep with for the rest of his life.

But how could he tell that to a child? After some thought, he spoke up. “You don’t fall in love with a person solely on their looks, their taste, their voice, the feel of their skin, and more. You’ll only fall in love when everything falls in place. Your mother is someone whose everything is a perfect fit for me. Don’t you see? As I spent more time with your mother, I came to fall in love with her.”

“Their looks, taste, voice, and feel of their skin?” North asked. Is it that complicated? Then, was what I felt love? He just felt that that little girl was quite pretty, and her soft hand felt nice when she was pulling him along. Her voice was also lovely!

So, does that mean I’m in love with her?

Eugene looked curiously at the boy’s expression of disbelief. “Who do you have a crush on?” he asked in surprise.

“Dora!” North answered, still a little lost. Upon answering, he froze, and he looked at Eugene with troubled eyes.

Eugene couldn’t stop himself from chuckling. “That little girl?”

North frowned. His father was at fault for tricking him, but he soon got over it. A sad smile appeared on his face. “I don’t know whether it’s a crush or not. I just saw that you managed to find the one you love after being apart for so long, so I looked up her details today. I spent half the day digging around before finding out that her name is Isadora Townsend. But she lives really far away from here. The plane ride is at least five or six hours long.”

Eugene was speechless. This little brat had a precocious crush, and the kid still wondered whether he actually had a crush or not? If he didn’t have a crush on the girl, why else would he have dug so deeply into her background? He even thought about how the plane ride to her hometown would take several hours.

What should I do? Should I report this to Olivia?

But at the thought that this matter would distract his girlfriend, Eugene realized that he wouldn’t exactly be a good father if he did that. And so, Eugene glanced at North, who looked infatuated. He didn’t forbid North from crushing on the girl. Instead, he played along and baited North good-naturedly. “So, how do you know whether she likes you?”

North grinned. “She probably does, because she said she’s mine!”

Eugene had the urge to laugh when he saw that smug look on his brat’s face. “Then, did she say she’s your friend, or your girlfriend?”

North shook his head. “She didn’t mention that.”

Now Eugene did burst into laughter. “Son, you’ve got to be more responsible as a boy. Liking a girl isn’t just something that you say—it has to withstand the test of time. Look at me—I fell in love with your mother seven years ago. Seven years later, I still love her. That shows how my love for her has withstood the test of time. You’re young and impulsive. Maybe you’ll fall out of love in a few more days. That’s not true love. If you still like her a few years later, or when you’re grown, then that’s true love there.”

North’s brows knitted tightly together. “Can’t I look for her now? I’m on vacation right now. I just checked the plane ticket prices; it’s just over three thousand a pop.”

Eugene slapped his forehead. Clever little brat. He’s well-prepared for everything.

“If you look for her now and tell her that you like her, she won’t believe you. Words are cheap if you just tell the girl that you like her without letting time take its course. Never mind Dora, but even Dora’s father won’t believe you. What you need to do now is to make yourself stand out. You’ll have to make yourself stand out so much that Dora’s father will notice you. Only then would he feel safe to leave Dora in your hands. And you have to be powerful, so powerful that no one can take advantage of her in your presence. That’s the only way you’ll have the right to say that you love her. Remember how you couldn’t even defeat a fat little guy? How could Dora’s father feel safe to leave her in your care? How are you going to protect the girl you love?”

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