Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 508

Chapter 508 Damian Fenton

“There’s probably a misunderstanding here, right? The Jean of that time was a pure person. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person to do something like that.”

“I was so angry then, but I did think it was suspicious once I calmed down. I even questioned my mother, asking if she was the one who sent Jean away. My mother ended up scolding me out of anger, and she even ignored me for a month because of that,” Alex said.

“What about the man? Did you not look into him properly?” Eugene asked while frowning.

“I beat him up that night. He later went missing along with her,” Alex answered.

“Missing as well? To avoid you?” Eugene was curious.

“Maybe? Anyhow, at that time, I thought they fled in order to begin their life together. I hated her like a madman, I hated that she lied to me, and I hated her heartlessness, but as the years went by, my hatred for her dissipated. I even thought of many excuses for her. I thought that maybe the man forced her, or maybe she had her own reasons. I even wondered if she had come down with a severe illness and didn’t want to let me know, so she put on such a cruel act. But I really never expected that she would end up the way she is today. Not only can she not speak, but she doesn’t even recognize me…”

Tears left his eyes the moment he finished, and he covered his face. He had never been so vulnerable before.

Eugene let out a helpless sigh. “What was that man’s name?”

It took a long while before Alex responded. “Damian Fenton. He stayed with Jean. I later went to their homes. Damian’s parents were the only ones living at his family home, while Jean’s mother went missing.”

The frown by Eugene’s brows deepened. “His last name is Fenton?”

“What about it?” Alex asked.

“Jean’s current identity also has the same last name,” Eugene pointed out.

Alex stared at Eugene. “You mean… they got married?” he asked in surprise.

Eugene had no words. “Maybe I’m just taking a stab in the dark.”

Alex couldn’t quite follow Eugene’s train of thought. “It’s okay, just tell me!” he said anxiously.

“Don’t forget that she’s suffering from amnesia, and she was even forced to be a killer. If it’s just as you said, that they got married, why did so many misfortunes befall her?”

When Alex heard that, a chill shot up his spine. “You’re saying that Damian was the one who hurt her?”

If that Fenton guy was the cause behind Jean’s current state, then he would be an accomplice.

“That’s just my guess; it might not be the truth. You need to investigate this properly!” Eugene said.

The two of them bantered, and in the end, Alex successfully got knocked out from all the alcohol. Eugene dragged him over to the couch then. After draping a cover over him, Eugene then went back to his own room to spend time with his son.

However, North seemed to be especially interested in today’s happenings, for he immediately asked, “Uncle Eugene, did you fall in love with Mommy at first sight?”

Eugene let out a laugh. “You could say that. At any rate, I never forgot about her once I saw her.”

“Then, do you think Mommy is super pretty?” North continued.

Eugene nodded. “Yes.”

North pouted. “Then why didn’t you pick Mommy out when you saw her the first time?”

Eugene glanced at the boy. “What’s up with you tonight? Why all the questions?”

“You tell me—aren’t you the one who wanted to chat with me?” North asked back.

Eugene was exasperated. “Fine. Actually, your mother and I had been set up that night by some other party. My consciousness was hazy, so my memories then weren’t the clearest, and it had been seven years since we last saw each other. Her looks had changed a lot, so I didn’t immediately recognize her.”

North furrowed his brows. “You never saw what Mommy looked like before, so why did you fall in love with her? And why did you search for her for so long?”

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