Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 506

Chapter 506 Getting Drunk

Alex looked at Jewel. He still hadn’t given up. “You really don’t recognize me?” he asked. Jewel didn’t nod or shake her head, but the annoyance by her brows was more apparent now.

Alex naturally noticed it as well. He took in a breath. “Okay, how about we get to know each other again, starting from today? Let’s do it slowly, all right?”

Jewel still didn’t respond. “Okay, let’s talk about this another time,” Olivia said.

“We came here for business. It was in the same general direction, so we came to see you too. You should get some rest. We’ll leave now,” Eugene said.

Olivia was pleased with Eugene today. He voluntarily left without her needing to coax him into doing so. She secretly glanced at Eugene and smiled at him.

Eugene was delighted by this. “If there’s anything, give me a call. Go to bed early. Don’t stay up so late!” he said out of concern.

Olivia gave a light chuckle. “Okay. Bye, North!”

North had no words. They had only just arrived, but now they had to leave. Yet, North had no choice but to wave goodbye at Olivia. He then waved at Jewel. “Bye, Miss Jewel!”

Jewel smiled as she waved at the boy.

Alex looked at Jewel dumbly. So, she can smile. Her smile was as beautiful as it was in the past, but she truly did not recognize him anymore.

In the end, Eugene dragged Alex away. The room instantly turned quiet. Olivia looked at Jewel, who had continued frowning. “What’s wrong?”

Jewel picked up her phone and typed her response for Olivia to read. ‘That man was a little annoying.’

Olivia was more than surprised. “You know him?”

‘No, but he kept staring at me like a pervert! You have to stay away from him.’

Olivia was exasperated. “He said that you looked a lot like this other person he knew. He might have thought that you were her. He probably didn’t do that out of malice.”

Jewel was angry, but she didn’t type another response after that.

Meanwhile, Alex hadn’t spoken ever since he got into the car. He kept staring out of the window, thinking back of all the times he and Jewel had met in the past. Yet, he never thought that she would not recognize him seven years later, nor that she would look at him with such a wary gaze.

He was the one who hurt her, after all.

“Let’s go to my place,” Eugene suggested. Back then, they would get drunk together whenever the other was in a funk. Eugene had gotten drunk with Alex, and Alex had also gotten drunk together with him. Today, though, they couldn’t possibly bring North with them to a bar or similar establishments. And besides, the boy hadn’t slept well last night.

Alex didn’t protest. Right now, it didn’t matter where they were going or what they were going to do.

Eugene brought Alex and North back to his home. He didn’t want to make Olivia’s home reek of alcohol, and he also wanted to let North stay over at his own home so that he could sleep in the same room as North to spend time with his son.

After they reached Eugene’s home, North went back to the 59th floor to grab his tablet. Alex, however, just flung himself on the sofa. Meanwhile, Eugene was on the phone ordering takeout and beer.

Half an hour later, the takeout arrived. The three of them sat at the dining table to dig in. Of course, North was the only one quietly eating. Meanwhile, Alex went straight for the alcohol without touching his food. Eugene didn’t stop him either. He could somewhat empathize with Alex, about being filled with hope, wanting to start a life with someone, only to find out that they no longer recognized him. And in fact, they even displayed enmity toward him. How much more difficult would it be to strike a conversation with them then?

As if that wasn’t enough, Jewel was also unable to speak. Asking her what had happened wasn’t something Alex could do.

At last, Alex spoke. “What happened to her voice? Why can’t she speak anymore?”

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