Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 505

Chapter 505 Meeting Jewel

Olivia pulled her son into her arms. “Have you been a good boy while you were with Uncle Eugene?” she asked, smiling.

North gave it some thought. “I guess. Uncle Eugene made the spaghetti you cooked for me. It was disgusting.”

Olivia shot a look at North. “How could you say that about your Uncle Eugene? His cooking skills are so good. How could the meal have been bad?” she grumbled good-naturedly.

“It really was. Even Uncle Eugene said it tasted gross.”

Upon hearing that, Eugene nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it tasted really nasty. It tasted completely different from your recipe.”

Olivia failed to stifle a giggle. “Once I’m done with this project, I’ll make some more for you two.”

Alex kept staring at Jewel after he went inside. She had gotten a lot skinnier, and she had her hair cut as well. Her gaze was no longer as warm as before, and it had an inexplicable aggressiveness in it.

Jewel’s brows knitted together slowly. If this man hadn’t come with Olivia’s boyfriend, she might have already exploded at him for staring at her like that.

After Olivia had placated North, she realized that Alex had been staring at Jewel all this while. She eyed Eugene suspiciously. ‘Why’s he staring at her?’ she asked through her gaze.

Eugene inched closer to Olivia and whispered into her ear, “They used to date.”

Olivia’s eyes widened in shock, and she looked at them in disbelief. They used to date each other?

The way they looked did not indicate that they were lovers. In fact, enemies would have been more apt of a description, especially with how Jewel’s gaze grew more and more irritated.

“Do they look like a couple?”

“I think that she lost her memory,” Eugene said.

Olivia was taken aback. Amnesia? “But that can’t be right; she recognized me!”

“I’m talking about her memories before she met you,” Eugene whispered.

Now Olivia was well and truly startled. They had already suffered enough when they were still in Double Dragon Court. She hadn’t thought that something else had happened to Jewel even before then. Otherwise, Jewel wouldn’t have suffered from amnesia, and she certainly wouldn’t have entered Double Dragon Court.

In a few steps, Olivia was by Jewel’s side. She pointed at Alex and asked, “Jewel, do you know him?”

It was then that Jewel withdrew her gaze from Alex and shook her head.

Olivia glanced at Alex before she introduced him. “This is Eugene’s friend, Alex Road.” She then introduced Jewel to Alex. “This is my friend, Jewel.”

Alex regarded the woman before him. It felt like his heart was being ripped apart. It was clearly the same face, but why didn’t she recognize him? And why couldn’t she speak anymore?

He wanted to go over and hug her. He wanted to tell her that he was wrong, and that he would no longer let her leave him. But in reality, he remained rooted to the spot, like his feet had been glued down, unable to move. His eyes never once left Jewel.

After what felt like half a day, Alex managed to control his body with the reasonable part of his mind and offered Jewel a hand. “Hi.”

Jewel glanced at Olivia before slowly stretching her own hand out.

At last, Alex shook her hand. Her hand wasn’t soft, and there were even hard calluses on her palm. It felt like night and day compared to seven years ago.

His heart ached. Just what had Jewel experienced?

Before he could properly process his emotions, Jewel retracted her hand.

Alex awkwardly withdrew his hand as well. He looked at Olivia. “Can I have a word with your friend in private?”

Olivia frowned slightly. She shifted her gaze to Jewel. “Jewel, do you want to talk to him?”

Jewel shook her head.

Olivia looked back at Alex. “She’s not acquainted with you guys yet. You can have that talk with her once she’s gotten to know you better!”

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