Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 504

Chapter 504 A Caged Bird

“Can’t I do that?” Eugene asked like it was perfectly justified. Alex laughed. “I’m not roasting you or anything, but we’re living in modern times now—why the chauvinism? If the rest of the world is as narrow-minded as you, society will never progress!”

“What does my relationship have to do with society’s progression? I just don’t want my girlfriend to show her face to the entire world. Is that unacceptable?” Eugene asked.

“Then why did you let Olivia shoot that film? Won’t you get your wish if you just lock her up like a nightingale?” Alex retorted.

Eugene regarded Alex with a hurt look. That thought did cross his mind before. He didn’t want anyone else to know just how beautiful she was. But he also knew that this rebellious woman would not take kindly to being locked up in a cage!

Alex grinned, seemingly having seen through Eugene’s thoughts. “You’re that petty, huh? If you’re thinking ‘this woman beloved by the masses is mine,’ that’s just plain arrogant and prideful of you. Locking her up will just destroy her. A woman dolls herself up for the ones she loves. No one dislikes being loved by others! Some people are just fated to have millions of eyes on them!”

Eugene pursed his lips. “But I don’t want everyone to look at her!”

“Well, that depends on whether you want a girlfriend, or a pet bird,” North said placidly.

Alex guffawed as he flashed a thumbs-up of approval at North. “Finally, I know why your daddy’s so whipped by you and your mom. Both of you aren’t to be crossed!”

Eugene rolled his eyes at Alex. He wondered if Alex only just realized that now.

“Looks like that lesson earlier hadn’t made deep enough of an impression on you.”

Alex’s face stiffened, and he immediately shot a glare in Eugene’s way. “Why can’t you read the room?”

Eugene was in no mood to banter with him. During the next hour, the CEO of the Nolan Group, the one favored by fortune kept sighing inside his office. He kept wondering whether he wanted a girlfriend or a caged bird. Naturally, he didn’t like his girlfriend to blatantly show herself off to the public, but his son was right—if he forcefully stopped her, Olivia might not want him anymore.

Might not want him anymore, anymore…

When he caught sight of Eugene spacing out, Alex couldn’t stand it anymore. “Being able to get on the cover of a magazine shows that she’s got her own skills and following backing her up. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to make those magazines sell. You should think of ways to help Olivia boost those magazine sales. The cover’s already been shot. If you force her to stop, Olivia’s definitely not going to be happy, and she will have to break her promise with Kate. She must have her own reasons for agreeing to the magazine shoot since the photos have already been taken, so you should stop overthinking it. Isn’t the point of being together with her supposed to be happiness?”

Eugene glanced at Alex. All of a sudden, he thought that Alex had a point. So, he picked up his phone and called Curtis. “Get both our offline and online departments ready to receive copies of the Bourgeoisie Life magazine, stat!”

Alex burst into laughter. “Looks like you’re able to learn!”

That night, Olivia and Jewel returned to their rooms after finishing their movie shoot. Before she could change into her pajamas, Olivia heard the doorbell ring. She was surprised. Who could be here at this hour? Suspicious, she opened the door, only to see Eugene and North standing by the door—no, Alex was there as well.

The corners of Olivia’s lips twitched uncontrollably. Does this man have to come visit me once a day?

“What brings you here?”

Eugene was delighted, his eyes remaining fixed on Olivia before him. “Let us in first. I’ll explain everything gradually.”

Only then did Olivia realize she had blocked the entrance, so she stepped aside and let them in.

After they were all inside, North stretched his arms out, asking for a hug. “Mommy—”

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