Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 503

Chapter 503 Magazine Cover

In order to see Jewel as soon as possible, Alex simply waited inside the office at the Nolan Group.

Eugene was rather busy that afternoon too. He had just extricated himself from a pile of documents when he received a phone call from Kate.

“Hello there, Mr. Nolan!” Eugene was surprised that Kate would call him. “Hello,” he greeted with a smile. Kate paused. “Mr. Nolan, there’s a little matter I’d like your help with.”

Eugene was quick to answer. “Go ahead.”

“Uh… In a few more days, the next issue of my magazine will hit the shelves. I’m thinking of borrowing some of that precious real estate under the Nolan Group’s name. I’ll pay the fees. Just leave a spot for me,” Kate said slowly.

Eugene wondered why she made a big deal out of it when he heard her proposal, and he immediately agreed to it. “Alright, no problem. You won’t even need to pay to rent the space. I’ll get someone to iron out the details with you tomorrow. Explain what you need to him.”

Kate hadn’t expected that this problem that she had been ruminating on while walking in circles would be resolved so quickly.

In truth, she should be avoiding her best friend’s boyfriend, but she had no other choice. Sales at her magazine publishing house had been miserably low. If it weren’t for the sake of her dozen or so workers, she didn’t want to bother Eugene at all.

“Thank you, Mr. Nolan. Still, I insist on paying the rental fees. I’m already thankful enough that you’re sparing the space for me!”

Eugene burst into laughter. “You really don’t have to. You’re the reason why Olivia and I are able to have the future we do now. You should give me a chance to repay you.”

Kate smiled. “Treating Olivia well is payment enough.”

“Olivia will be angry if she finds out that I accepted rent from you,” Eugene said.

“No, she won’t. This is a separate matter, after all! I’ll give you a present in a bit in order to express my gratitude for this.”

Eugene was taken aback. “What?”

“I’ll send it over shortly. That’ll be all for now then. Bye, Mr. Nolan,” Kate said mysteriously.

Eugene hung up, not quite comprehending what just happened. Not long after that, he received… dozens of pictures on his phone. They were all pictures of Olivia. Some were sweet, and some were flirty. They were pictures of her in different poses and at different angles. Although the pictures hadn’t been edited, Olivia’s beauty was absolutely flawless.

Accompanying the pictures was a message from Kate, sent a few seconds after.

‘Your wife will be on the cover of our next issue. These are all the pictures that we took during the photoshoot. Here’s a sneak peek.’

Eugene had to admit that Kate was someone who was good with words. Just the mention of the word ‘wife’ was enough to have Eugene in an inexplicably bright mood. His expression was soft as he scrolled through the photos, all while suppressing the smile threatening to break out.

Alex could see all this from his position on the couch in the distance. What’s he looking at? His smile is threatening to split his cheeks open. He curiously got up and pressed in close to take a look. When he saw that Eugene was looking at photos of Olivia, he instantly understood why Eugene was in this silly state.

Oh, he’s looking at his girlfriend’s photos.

“Gotta admit, Olivia is really beautiful.”

Alex’s sudden statement startled Eugene. “When did you get here?”

Alex was stunned. “I’ve already looked at more than ten photos, and you never noticed me?”

Eugene didn’t speak.

North pressed in as well. When he saw Olivia’s photos, his eyes curved up with his smile. “Mommy’s so pretty.”

Alex looked at Eugene, who hadn’t scrolled to a new photo during this time. “Aren’t you gonna keep looking at those photos?”

Eugene’s brows knitted even more tightly together. Suddenly, he thought of a question. “If Olivia is going to be on the cover of that magazine, doesn’t that mean everyone is going to see her photos?”

Alex couldn’t stop himself from laughing at that. “What? You want to keep all those photos for yourself?”

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