Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 502

Chapter 502 To See Her Again

“We had been in a relationship for a long time. If she is back, I naturally want to be with her,” Alex said somewhat awkwardly.

Eugene sighed. On the surface, it seemed that Alex was a playboy, but in actual fact, he had never had a girlfriend. The women around him would only stay with him for a week at most. Even when his family urged him to marry, he would just nod and smile and agree to it. Meanwhile, he would discreetly send the potential fiancées away.

Everyone knew about Alex’s playboy ways, but no one knew that deep down in this philanderer’s heart was a woman who could never be replaced. That was why he didn’t want to date anyone!

Eugene looked at Alex. “Even if she cannot speak anymore?” he asked solemnly.

Alex nodded. “Yes, even if that’s the case.”

“But your mother won’t agree!” Eugene stated.

“If she won’t agree, she won’t be just losing a daughter-in-law—she will be losing me as well,” Alex said.

“You’ve thought it over already?” Eugene asked.

“Yes, even if she will be the only woman I will ever have a relationship with!”

“That’s wishful thinking from you. She still has to actually want to meet you.”

“Tell me, where is she? Don’t make this out to be like an interrogation from my cousin Marcus.”

Eugene shot him a look. “I’m screening you for my girlfriend’s sake. How am I supposed to look her in the eye when you mess up and leave?”

“Relax, I won’t get you involved. I’ll personally talk to Olivia myself. So tell me, where is she?”

Seeing how anxious Alex was, Eugene couldn’t hold back his laughter. “You should psych yourself up before you meet them!”

“What?” Alex asked.

“She was once a killer for the Double Dragon Court, but she is already dead. You know what it means to die and be reborn there, right?”

Alex was startled. “The Double Dragon Court? Why would she be there?”

“I’m not sure about that, but she met Olivia there,” Eugene answered.

“You mean, Olivia is also…”

“She no longer is.”

Alex was frantic. He dragged Eugene with him. “Come on, hurry up and take me to her!”

Eugene broke from Alex’s grip. “Hold your horses. What’s with the rush? You won’t be able to see her even if you go now.”

“Why not?”

“They’re currently in the middle of a film shoot. They’ll only be free once work has wrapped up for the night. Don’t get your hopes up too high; I have the feeling that she doesn’t even remember you.”

“How do you know?” Alex asked.

“She didn’t even recognize me. In fact, she was pretty surprised when she saw me!” Eugene said.

“Because it’s you. You guys are just kinda acquainted with each other. How is that on the same level as my relationship with her?” Alex asked, unwilling to back down.

Eugene had no words. Fine, sometimes one has to experience that rude awakening themselves.

Right then, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Eugene called out.

Samantha walked in with a pile of documents. “President Nolan, these need to be signed.”

When Eugene saw Samantha, his expression darkened. He instinctively glanced at North, only to see the boy lower his head.

A stormy look flashed across Eugene’s eyes. “Get out! From now on, do not enter this office without my permission.”

Samantha instantly froze on the spot and looked at him with fearful eyes. Her voice sounded hurt. “But, President Nolan, I’m just here to get the signatures for these!”

“All you need to do is finish the task I gave you!” Eugene stated coldly.

“All right. I’ll take my leave, then,” Samantha answered. With that, she left the office.

Alex looked at Eugene in confusion. Why did this guy lose his temper so badly?

“What’s up? You don’t like that secretary?”

“No,” Eugene said blandly. He glanced at North by his side. Looking at the boy lifted Eugene’s mood a little, and he reached down to pat North’s head.

Eugene hadn’t said anything, but North felt incredibly safe.

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