Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 500

Chapter 500 Throwing Oneself Into a Net

Eugene suddenly understood what was going on. “Then wait for a little longer; we’ll head over now.”

After both father and son tidied up, Eugene drove them directly to the company. When they reached the company, they bumped into Samantha. North shivered instinctively and his little hand, which was held by Eugene, stiffened. Naturally, Eugene felt his reaction. He gave North an encouraging look and tightened his hold on North’s hand.

North’s lowered head gradually raised a little, but he still did not dare to look at Samantha. His body, however, relaxed a little. Samantha glanced at North before looking at Eugene and greeting him with a smile. “President Nolan.”

Eugene glanced at her and lightly responded, “Where is Alex?”

“He’s in your office, sir.”

Eugene didn’t speak again. Holding North’s hand, they entered his office and found Alex sitting on the sofa. Alex had been waiting for Eugene for a long time—any longer and dust would have started collecting on him. The ashtray on top of the coffee table was filled with cigarette buds. Just one look and anyone could guess how long Alex had been waiting for.

Frowning, Eugene waved away the smoke in front of him and complained, “Are you trying to set a fire?”

Alex was not amused. “You think I wanted to smoke so many cigarettes? You didn’t even notify me when you came in so late. I wanted to give you a call but Curtis wouldn’t let me, saying something about you not getting sleep all night. Tell me, what the heck are you doing not sleeping night after night?”

Eugene glared at him with a dark expression. “Be careful with what you say; my son is still here!”

Alex was taken aback to hear Eugene call North his son with so much affection. If he didn’t know any better, he would have believed North really was Eugene’s biological son. He gave North a glance and asked, “Hey, little fella. Is he your daddy?”

North’s big dark eyes blinked and he said evenly, “He called me his son, so naturally he is my daddy!”

Alex was a bit surprised by the little boy’s answer, which managed to pique his interest. Smiling, he waved at North and asked mysteriously, “Then can you tell me what your daddy did last night and why he didn’t sleep?”

“Are you the paparazzi?” North asked seriously.

Alex laughed again then nodded his head. “That’s right. Mind sharing with me some of your Daddy’s secrets?”

Eugene didn’t stop him either as Alex would never get serious unless someone deflated his ego.

“Why should I share Daddy’s secrets with you?” North asked seriously again.

“I’ll give you something in return; just name your price,” Alex said, trying to get North hooked.

North frowned. “I’m afraid that you won’t be able to pay my price.”

Alex laughed derisively as he boasted, “Me, not able to pay? Go on then; tell me your price! Is it tens of millions or hundreds of millions?”

“Why would you still be a paparazzi if you really had so much money?” North asked coolly.

“I’m a part-time paparazzi, purely to satisfy my curiosity,” Alex answered him.

“Oh! So you just like to shadow people and take pictures of them?” North asked as it suddenly dawned on him. “Then who have you shadowed before?”

Alex felt that the kid was getting more and more entertaining, so he deliberately teased, “I’ve shadowed tons of people! Celebrities, models, businessmen, politicians—I shadow anyone I’m interested in.”

“Then would you post information about them online after you follow them?” North’s tiny face was solemn and serious.

Alex nodded his head. “That’s right.”

Frowning, North was doubtful as he asked, “Can you make money from this?”

Alex gave Eugene a glance and his eyes were filled with smugness. “Can I make money? Well, the more famous the person is, the more lucrative the job is. This is how I made my fortune. What do you say? Would you like to join me? We can split the money 50/50 if we work together.”

North looked at Eugene with a sly look in his eyes. “Tell me, Uncle Eugene; how much money would we be able to earn if we posted this recording online?”

As North said this, he took out a recorder, which resembled a pen, from his pocket. He originally wanted to record a joke for his great-grandpa today, but Alex ended up throwing himself into a net.

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