Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 499

Chapter 499 Making Noodles

Eugene looked through the information carefully and plotted a timeline in his head. It turned out that Lara was with Gerald during her disappearance abroad. When Gerald broke up with her, she came back to look for Edward and acted out a tear-jerking drama. It was a pity that Edward was played around like a marionette!

“Have you looked into Samantha?”

North let out a long breath. “I did, but she is still among Kanes Corporation’s employees. Hasn’t she already resigned?”

Eugene looked at North in surprise. “She hasn’t resigned?”

North clicked on something and showed it to him. “Here; have a look.”

Eugene glanced at the computer. Sure enough, Samantha Yapp had clocked in to work yesterday. “What’s going on? Is it someone with the same name?”

North looked at Eugene and pursed his lips as he hesitated, not knowing what to say. Noticing North’s strange behavior, Eugene asked in a warm tone, “What’s wrong?”

“When I saw that woman, I was scared.”

Eugene immediately took it seriously and asked, “Did you have a nightmare because you saw her?”

“I’m not sure!” North answered him and Eugene’s expression grew solemn. Why did North feel afraid when he saw Samantha? “Can you hack into Kanes Corporation’s surveillance? Let’s check if the Samantha who went to work is the same person as Nolan Group’s Samantha.”

North’s small eyes lit up immediately. Why didn’t I think of that? “Give me a second. However, we have to be fast because their firewall does a good job and we’ll be tracked if we take too long.” While he was talking, his little fingers flew across the keyboard. Within seconds, the computer screen showed Kanes Corporation’s monitors.

Eugene’s expression was cold. “Look at the secretary room.”

North hands flew across the keyboard and the secretary room appeared on the screen. Samantha appeared on the monitor, and she looked exactly like Samantha of the Nolan Group. The two of them looked at each other before Eugene quickly said, “Get out of their systems now.”

North gave an affirmative grunt. Hitting the ‘Enter’ key, he perfectly withdrew from Kanes Corporation’s systems! Eugene narrowed his eyes and muttered, “So it seems that the Samantha Yapp of the Nolan Group is a fake?”

North nodded slowly. “Could they be twins?”

“It looks more like plastic surgery to me,” Eugene commented dryly.

North nodded once more. “Then what do you want to do?”

Smiling coldly, Eugene murmured, “We’ll leave her be and see what she does.”

North didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let her appear in front of you,” Eugene said soothingly and North nodded his head as he relented, “Let’s go make those noodles.”

North beamed. “Alright!”

Twenty minutes later, their complaints filled the room. “Everything is the same, but why are my noodles not as good as the ones your mommy makes?” Eugene asked impatiently.

“Did you forget to add peanuts?” North queried.

“I added peanuts. See?”

“Then you must have added too little soy sauce,” North commented. “Mommy likes to use soy sauce in her cooking!”

Eugene went to the kitchen again and brought a bottle of soy sauce back with him. He added a little bit to see if it tasted like Olivia’s noodles, and then added a little bit more when it didn’t taste the same. As a result, they only ate a little from the two bowls of noodles and left the rest behind.

“You shouldn’t make noodles in the future,” North advised.

“You’re the one who wanted noodles,” Eugene shot back.

North sighed. “It was my mistake. I overestimated you!”

Eugene argued, “Besides noodles, the other things I make are quite delicious.”

While the two were still arguing, Eugene’s cell phone suddenly rang. As soon as he answered his phone, Alex’s voice came over the line. “Are you coming over or not? I’ve been waiting for you all morning.”

Eugene frowned slightly when he heard his anxious voice. “Where are you now?”

“I’m at your company because Curtis said you would come today. As a result, I’ve been waiting for you here all morning!”

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