Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 498

Chapter 498 Call Me Daddy Again

“Your uncle was so scared that he let out a shriek. I, on the other hand, ran as fast as I could. We were both scared but running away wasn’t a solution, so I picked up a broom and used it to hit the big white goose. When it saw I wasn’t afraid of it, the goose went after your uncle. Your uncle, however, was so frightened that he squatted on top of a water tank and kept crying. Then I took the broom to help your uncle out and the big white goose ran away when he saw me. Since then, the big white goose doesn’t dare mess with me every time it sees me but when it sees your uncle, it will quack a few times to frighten him.”

North said nothing for a while. Eugene thought he was immersed in the story, but the little boy suddenly raised his head. “Then why do you keep it?” he asked solemnly. “You should use it for stew!”

Eugene burst into laughter. “Well, the reason Daddy is telling you this story is to let you know that fear is normal. Everyone has something they’re afraid of, but you have to believe that the things you’re afraid of also have things that they themselves fear. If you’re not afraid of them, they will become weak. Just like driving away the big white goose; as long as we muster up the courage to defeat it, we will not be controlled by others. That big white goose only dared to bully your uncle later on but didn’t dare to bully me because it knew I was not afraid of it. Think of the big white goose as our inner fear. It is a bully but it can’t handle people standing up against it. As long as we are better than it, it will not bully us. Now your uncle is still afraid of the big white goose, but I am not afraid anymore. Conquering your fear is equivalent to winning against yourself. You’re a great kid, North. You’re not only able to help yourself but also others. Anyone else would only cower in fear!”

North nodded his head, successfully convinced by Eugene’s words. “I don’t want to be like Uncle Brian. I won’t be afraid of a big white goose!”

Smiling, Eugene nodded his head. “That’s my boy!”

Grumble— North’s stomach rumbled and the two looked at each other and laughed.


North made himself comfortable in Eugene’s arms. “I want to eat something delicious,” he said lazily.

“Very well. What would you like to eat?” Eugene asked, indulging him.

“I want to eat noodles made by Mommy.”

This was troubling for Eugene, but he also knew that his son just wanted to get closer to his mommy in this way. “Why don’t I try to cook it for you?” Eugene asked tentatively. “Do you remember what your mommy put in the noodles?”

North glanced at Eugene before he questioned, “Have you not eaten them before?”

“Alright then. Get up and I will make them for you now,” Eugene said.

North squinted his eyes and smiled. “Thank you, Daddy!”

Eugene laughed. This brat was just like his mommy and were usually awkward and arrogant, but as long as Eugene did what they wanted, they would act like puppies and be all adorable. Eugene hugged North and tried to coax him, “Call me Daddy again.”

“I’ll call you Daddy next time!” North said.

“I’ll make you two bowls if you call me Daddy again.”

“One bowl is enough.”

“Will you call me Daddy or not? If not, I’ll tickle you!” Eugene stretched his hand into the quilt to threaten North. Actually, he had barely touched him but North felt that his whole body was itchy. The boy tried desperately to avoid Eugene’s hand, twisting his whole body this way and that.

Eugene was worried that the kid would laugh himself stupid so he stopped messing with him. “Alright. I’ll stop messing with you and go cook. Get up and wash your face, brush your teeth and fold the quilt.”

“I investigated Kanes Corporation last night,” North blurted out.

Eugene paused and looked back at the boy. “What did you find out? Is Lara Roberts a shareholder of the Kanes Corporation?”

“Yes.” North answered.

Eugene asked, “Where are the results? Let me have a look.”

Wearing his pajamas, North hugged his computer and brought it over to Eugene. He operated the computer keyboard with his small fingers and the information that he dug up yesterday was displayed with a few clicks.

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