Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 496

Chapter 496 Apologize

The minor actress shut up immediately. Olivia might have dared to offend Summer, but she didn’t!

Olivia was speechless but she felt like laughing as she looked at Summer with sympathy in her eyes. Summer even asked what they were laughing but she didn’t know they were laughing at her stupidity. Did she really think just because she got along with John she wouldn’t have to worry about anything and would not need to care about anyone else?

“Don’t you think that I can finish you off on my own?” As soon as Olivia finished speaking, she tightened her grip on Summer and commanded, “Apologize now!”

Summer wasn’t afraid of Olivia at first but with Olivia tightening her grip, she became less and less certain.

She tried to pry apart Olivia’s hold apart with both of her hands. “Let me go!” Summer said with difficulty.

The others also tried to persuade Olivia to end this peacefully. Even Sylvia interceded. “Miss Maxwell, please let her go. It was me who almost ran into your friend and I apologize for that.”

Olivia looked at Sylvia and said coldly, “I want her to apologize!”

Sylvia was anxious. Summer was accustomed to being fawned over so there was no way she would apologize.

“I’ll apologize on her behalf, alright? I’m sorry, Miss Maxwell; I’m sorry, Miss Fenton.” She bowed toward the both of them as she apologized.

This caused Jewel to feel uncomfortable about all of this. She had been in this kind of situation for many years now so she didn’t care about it much. Walking toward Olivia, she tugged on her sleeve and shook her head, telling her to forget about it.

Olivia wasn’t able to vent her anger so she looked at Summer and spoke, her words laced with venom, “Do you see what’s happening? There is such a big difference between you and her. For the sake of your assistant and my good friend, I will leave this matter be. But you better not mess with me again or I won’t be as lenient the next time!” With that, she loosened her grip on Summer’s collar and pushed her away!

The moment Summer was let go from Olivia’s grasp, she immediately started coughing. Sylvia quickly passed her a cup of water but she was slapped away by Summer. Staring at Olivia angrily, Summer shouted, “Just you wait and see!”

Olivia smiled sweetly in response. “I’ll take you on any time. But let me remind you to think about your future before you try anything! The winner has yet to be determined!”

Summer harrumphed and left, her heels clicking on the floor as Sylvia quickly chased after her.

Those in the lounge who didn’t know the whole truth started gossiping about it.

“Olivia, you really are in trouble this time. Y-You just messed with a hornet’s nest.”

“Exactly! Summer seeks revenge for the smallest of grievances and remembers those who messed with her for life.”

“And you can’t afford to mess with John too. He’s extremely rich and this movie of ours is sponsored by him. If he wants to remove you from the film, you won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“It would be better if you apologized to Summer. Maybe this whole mess will die down then!”

Olivia’s lips twitched a little. They wanted her to apologize to Summer? For what? Not to mention that no one dared to mess with Olivia because of her boyfriend but even if it was just her, she wasn’t afraid of Summer too. They really were worrying for nothing!

She didn’t mind at all, but Jewel got more and more frightened as she listened. She typed on her phone worriedly, ‘Olivia, will you not be able to act anymore?’

Olivia pretended to glare at Jewel and took her phone over as she typed out a message, ‘Don’t worry. Have you forgotten who my boyfriend is?’

It suddenly dawned on Jewel all at once. She had totally forgotten about Eugene! With him in Olivia’s corner, who would dare to mess with her? Jewel then typed a reply on her phone, ‘Right, I forgot! Would that mean you can do anything you want in Summer City?’

Olivia: ‘With you by my side, I can do anything I want too, no?’

Jewel: ‘We aren’t bulldozers; why would we want to conquer everything?]

Olivia: ‘Because it’s cool!’

Jewel: ‘…’

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