Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 494

Chapter 494 Causing Trouble

After packing up, the two of them followed the few actors whom they came back with last night to the shooting location. Just as they reached the location, she saw Summer getting out from a red Ferrari with her usual high and mighty look. She felt a little proud of herself because she managed to coax John to sleep with her last night. She even felt that there was nothing that couldn’t be solved by sleeping with him once. If there was, then she would just sleep with him twice!

When she saw Jewel standing beside Olivia, she let out a soft chuckle. “Oh Miss Maxwell, it seems you are not willing to be left out. Where did you hire such a thoughtless assistant from? Why is she leaving you to carry your bags on your own?”

Olivia laughed in response and said lightly, “She’s a good friend of mine so I’m willing to spoil her!”

Summer’s expression turned dark. “What are you trying to say? Are you saying I don’t spoil my assistant?”

Acting innocent, Olivia raised an eyebrow as she countered, “I was referring to myself; why are you so sensitive?”

Upon hearing that, Sylvia quickly grabbed Summer and hurriedly said, “Summer, let’s head inside first!”

Summer harrumphed and looked at Olivia with a pair of cold eyes. “You better not annoy me, Olivia, and don’t poke your nose into my business, or else I’ll make sure you suffer!”

Olivia laughed. “Right back atcha!”

Summer glared at her fiercely and walked away with her high heels.

Upon hearing that, Jewel wanted to reach out to take Olivia’s bag but Olivia avoided her. “Don’t listen to what she said. What we do is our own business!” she said while pulling Jewel inside.

It was another busy day for Olivia as she did wire work for the whole morning. Lucky for her, she had some training in martial arts so she wasn’t too exhausted.

Meanwhile, Director Norris’ admiration for her grew; he had seen too many actors who didn’t dare move a muscle while doing wire work. Olivia, however, had an easy time on the wires. She could basically accomplish any kind of posture or landing point that he asked her to perform. Jewel was staring at the wires all the while because she was afraid there were potential safety hazards.

Throughout, Olivia and Summer managed to mind each of their own business. Besides lines that required them to converse with one another, they didn’t talk to each other at all. In the afternoon when it was time for their break, Summer went back to her lounge. Eyeing Sylvia suspiciously, she asked, “Did you notice a problem?”

Sylvia was puzzled. “What problem?”

“That little assistant of Olivia’s. She didn’t speak for the whole morning.”

Sylvia nodded and agreed, “I believe so. She only kept nodding and shaking her head.”

Summer was inexplicably excited and she speculated, “Do you think she’s a mute?”

“It can’t be, right?” Sylvia asked. “Why would Olivia hire a mute as her assistant?”

Suddenly, Summer stood up rather abruptly. “Let’s go outside and take a look.”

Sylvia quickly tried to persuade her against it. “Summer, forget it. If you guys get into a fight and Director Norris finds out, he will start scolding again!”

Glaring at her, Summer retorted, “I won’t be causing any trouble. Why would he scold me?” With that, she directly walked out of her lounge.

Just as she came out, she ran into Jewel, who was carrying some hot water. She smirked and stepped back calmly before pushing Sylvia toward Jewel. Sylvia was caught off guard and her body rushed toward Jewel uncontrollably. If they slammed into each other, the hot water in Jewel’s hands would definitely spill and burn either one of them.

But she couldn’t do anything, so she just closed her eyes unconsciously until someone grabbed and pulled her back by her wrist. Then, she looked at Jewel, who was still holding the cup firmly in her hands. Saying it hadn’t spilled at all would be a lie, but only a few drops had splashed onto the floor. She hurriedly apologized, “I’m so sorry!”

This time, Jewel didn’t shake her head to say it was fine. Instead, she looked at Summer coldly. In fact, she saw Summer push Sylvia on purpose, hence why she rushed toward her.

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