Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 493

Chapter 493 I’m Fine!

The bodyguard looked at the pain-ridden face of the plump man and said awkwardly, “Sorry about that; just think of this lash as a gift!”

The plump man, on the other hand, really wanted to cuss at him. How is this a gift? If this is a gift, then how about I give you dozens of lashes as a gift too? But in reality, he couldn’t say a word because he was in so much pain. When the bodyguard untied him from the pillar, he instantly collapsed to the ground. He was covered in blood and unable to walk, so the bodyguard had to drag him to where Eugene was seated.

Looking at him, Eugene commanded, “Speak!”

The man lay on the ground and panted laboriously, only opening his mouth after a long time. “I-It was Tres. He ordered me to look… for Luca Matthews… who had a grudge with Olivia Maxwell… to plan for that drunk driving accident, but then the plan was exposed… and you quickly found it was Luca in no time. Tres was worried… you would find out he was involved, so he ordered me… to kill Luca.”

“Him again?” Eugene nodded his head viciously. “Seems like he has a death wish.”

The plump man crawled on the floor and begged, “President Nolan… we were just following orders. We didn’t mean to target anyone… Please spare us!”

Eugene gave them all a look. When he opened his mouth, his voice was as cold as the arctic as he said, “From the day you tried to hurt her, you should have expected this to happen. You can stay here from now on!” With that, he stood up and left Ruby Palace.

It was the next day when Brian heard about the robbery that happened to Olivia. He was shocked and gave her a video call early in the morning. Luckily, Olivia had woken up early. Though feeling a little surprised, she accepted the call. “Hey. Why are you calling me so early in the morning?”

When Brian got to know that Olivia was fine, he finally relaxed. “Are you okay?”

Olivia smiled mischievously. “I’m fine. The robbers are the ones who aren’t!” Olivia said impishly.

However, Brian was still a little worried so he murmured, “Move the camera a bit further and let me have a good look at you.”

Olivia did as he asked. “Really, I’m fine. Your brother came over here last night. Don’t worry. Do you think he would’ve gone back if I wasn’t okay?”

Brian thought that what she said made sense so he finally relented, “Do you know who did this?”

“I don’t know.” Olivia walked as she chatted, her phone in her hand. “You’ll have to ask your brother; this matter is out of my hands.”

Brian laughed and teased, “Then what is in your hands?”

Putting her phone down, Olivia washed her face while answering, “I’m just a lowly commoner with limited abilities. It would already be a great achievement if I can take care of myself by not getting hurt and not causing trouble for you guys.”

Brian laughed. “Your positioning of yourself is not accurate at all.”

Olivia was confused as she asked, “Then where is my place?”

“In the middle, right between us,” Brian commented.

Olivia blinked. Truth was, his words sounded pretty sweet. “Are you saying that I’m like the sun?”

“Yes,” Brian replied. “We all revolve around you, so you must take care of yourself. I’ll send two bodyguards over to you later.”

Hearing this, Olivia’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. “Goodness, there’s no need for that! Your brother has already sent me six bodyguards. I can’t imagine the lot of people out there who are coming after me that I would need so many bodyguards. Besides, I already have a master by my side so don’t worry!”

Brian was surprised to hear that. “Who is that?”

Olivia wiped her face with a towel before picking up her phone and saying to Brian, who was on the other end of the line, “I have a friend who came back recently. She’s pretty strong, so don’t you guys worry.”

Brian smiled as he looked at Olivia on his phone’s screen and felt like ruffling her hair for some reason. He got the urge after seeing her freshly washed face, looking all pretty, smart and beautiful. It was a pity that she was already his brother’s. If she was with anyone else, he would do anything to snatch her from him. But now…

Oh well! Brian swallowed back the sourness that rushed up from his heart. “Alright; I’ll ask Eugene how the investigation is going on.”

With that, Olivia said goodbye and ended the call before looking at Jewel who was standing by the door. “You can follow me to my shoot for the time being. After I’ve dealt with everything, I’ll take you to the hospital to get your throat checked.”

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