Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 492

Chapter 492 To Beg for Death

“Since I’m already in your hands, I have no illusions about leaving alive. Kill me!” Upon hearing him, Eugene, who was already on the verge of killing him, couldn’t help but sneer. “Aren’t you a loyal one? Do you think there are only two options for me, to either keep you alive or kill you?”

The plump man paused, not understanding what Eugene meant. The four men prayed for him silently in their hearts. How naïve he was! He hadn’t seen Eugene’s means, so he dared to yell those words! Did he think he was the only one who would say that?

Eugene sneered wickedly, “Don’t you know there is another choice called making you beg for death?”

The plump man narrowed his eyes fiercely. “What are you going to do?” “Show him the picture,” Eugene ordered Curtis.

Curtis took the picture and put it in front of the man. “Look familiar?”

The man’s expression changed completely after he looked at the picture but he remained silent. Eugene smiled as he questioned, “You were the one who planned Olivia’s accident the last time as well, right?”

“It wasn’t me!” The plump man hurriedly responded. “If it wasn’t you, then who was it? Who did it?” Eugene questioned.

The man chose to keep quiet again. Eugene’s expression turned dark as he shouted, “Looks like you want to experience what it’s like to beg for death!” He then ordered his bodyguards, “Take him and let him experience it.”

The bodyguards nodded before they dragged the man away and tied him to a pillar. Then they took out a whip. This was no ordinary whip; it was the kind with hooks attached to it. Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t cause death, but a swing would rip off the skin and flesh of its victims. It would definitely hurt and those being whipped continuously would wish for death!

The plump man would be lying if he said he wasn’t afraid. But he harbored hope in his heart, thinking that Eugene wouldn’t dare to do anything to him. They would definitely tell the others that they were captured by Eugene’s men when they went back.

All these years, Eugene and The Quintets had been minding their own business, not stepping on each other’s toes. If Eugene really laid a finger on him, he would become their enemy! But when that first whip fell, his mind went blank before he felt a trail of pain. Looking down, his shoulder right down to his thigh was covered in blood. He screamed instinctively and his pained screams echoed through the empty hall.

The four men watching the ongoing torture praised their quick thinking, feeling lucky that they didn’t resist. How many whips could he handle if this went on? If they would die no matter what, then why make themselves suffer? The most important thing was that Eugene didn’t want to kill him. If he wanted to kill him with this whip, they would have to whip him multiple times. But the most frightening part was that he wouldn’t die from the whipping but from the pain itself!

They heard people say how terrifying Eugene was but they never saw it for themselves. Now, they finally understood what people meant after seeing this. The torture wasn’t the main goal. Instead, Eugene’s goal was to demoralize his victims. The four men didn’t want to tell the truth earlier, but in the end, all of them vied to answer him.

Before the plump man could recover from the first whip, the second whip fell on him. Following the whip was a painful scream and it wasn’t long before the nauseating scent of blood filled the air. But Eugene was like the devil; he sat unmoving on the sofa, legs crossed as his cold eyes looked at them like an emotionless machine.

“Don’t kill him. You can dip the whip in salt or chilli water. Do you guys still need me to teach you all these?”

The bodyguard responded quickly and dipped the whip in a bucket filled with chili water, then dragged the wet whip with him. Just when he picked up the whip, the plump man yelled anxiously, “I’ll talk! I’ll talk…”

But it was too late for the bodyguard to hold back the whip.

“Ah!!” The plump man screamed angrily, his wounds burning as he felt like his organs were on fire.

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