Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 491

Chapter 491 Needles

“Yes, at first they were prepared to send just five of us, but after the call, they added ten more people.”

The bodyguards were stunned. Were these guys the same stubborn men that had refused to speak when they had beaten them up? Why did they become so proactive when Mr. Nolan questioned them? It just took a few punches for them to spill the beans! If the bodyguards knew, they would have beaten them up much worse before this! As expected, they could only be awed by their boss!

Eugene looked at the few men. “All of you have no idea at all who was on the phone?” he asked again. “Not even their gender?”

“I think it was a man.” Number 1 replied.

“It was a woman. I heard Tres shout a name; a Miss Lara or something!” Number 4 interrupted.

Eugene narrowed his eyes. Miss Lara? Was it Lara Roberts? Sure enough, if someone was too eager to succeed, they would leave behind evidence of their actions. And now, the fox had revealed its tail. He wasn’t sure at first that Lara had connections with The Quintet, but he was certain of it now!

Suddenly, the door was pushed open and Curtis came running in. “President Nolan,” he greeted Eugene.

Eugene gave him a grunt in response and took the pictures he brought over, looking through them one by one. As he had expected, among the people who Luca had contacted was a picture of Luca in a bar meeting the plump man who fainted.

At the time, Robin was the one who was the most suspicious and this man seemed like a random passerby, so Eugene didn’t pay much attention to him. But now that he linked everything together, didn’t this mean that this man was the culprit who targeted Olivia for both incidents? Thinking of this, Eugene saw red and his eyes were filled with bloodlust.

He gave an order to the bodyguards immediately, “Find some needles and wake him up!”

The bodyguards looked at each other. Needles? What needles? However, Eugene’s face was dark with rage so they didn’t dare to ask. They turned to look at Curtis, hoping he could help.

Curtis didn’t understand Eugene’s order too, so he asked, “President Nolan, what kind of needles? Do you mean sewing needles?”

Eugene glared at him, seemingly annoyed. “The kind that will hurt. I want you to wake him up with them!”

“Understood,” Curtis quickly replied. “Well? What are you all waiting for?” He turned to the bodyguards and ordered them. Upon hearing that, the bodyguards split up. Within ten minutes, the bodyguards each found needles of different sizes.

“Wake him up,” Eugene commanded.

With a ‘Yes, Sir’, the bodyguards went to poke the unconscious man with the needles. But the man was in a dead faint; they poked him all over his body for some time but he didn’t react at all. The other four men felt a shiver go down their spines as they watched from the sides. Even their hair stood up and they had goosebumps all over their bodies. They could imagine just how painful it was even without experiencing it!

Eugene’s expression was as black as midnight, his frown deepening and his body surrounded by a cold aura. It was as if he was channeling the chill from the freezing pits of hell. Just when he felt like he should get his own hands dirty, the plump man suddenly let out a shout and woke up.

The few bodyguards were relieved too because if he didn’t wake up, Mr. Nolan would have gotten angry. A bodyguard plucked out a needle which was half inserted into the man’s finger and patted him in a humble manner, as if telling the man there was no need to thank him for waking him up.

The plump man only felt the pain after he woke up. His whole body was in pain and for a moment, he felt like screaming loudly. It was painful for him everywhere and he didn’t know where to touch. Shivering, he looked at the blood all over his hands and the holes from all the needles poking his skin as he almost cried. Did they think he was a crepe-myrtle?

Turning around, he looked at the four men huddling together before glaring at Eugene who was sitting on his chair and gave a righteous shout.

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