Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 488

Chapter 488 A Small Case

“I was only a few months old back then. How can I recognize her?” North replied coolly. “Your mommy hasn’t seen her for years; will she hurt your mommy?” Eugene asked.

North pouted before he remarked, “Can you not see everyone as a bad person after Mommy has been robbed once? Rather, you should think about what you’re going to do if that woman lives at my house.”

“Don’t worry. I have a plan.” Eugene murmured. Just as he finished speaking, his phone beeped. Olivia had sent him a picture of Jewel Fenton.

Looking at the picture, Eugene felt as though the more he looked at it, the more familiar she seemed. He saved the picture and sent it to Alex without any text. After a while, Alex sent a voice message. “Where did you get this picture from?’

Eugene raised his brows—he was right, it was her!

While he was still thinking, Alex couldn’t wait any longer and video called him. Eugene answered the call and Alex’s worried face appeared on the screen. “Why didn’t you reply my message? Where did you get this picture from?”

“Is it her?” Eugene asked.

“Yes!” Alex replied anxiously. “Did you see her?”

“She’s with Olivia.”

“Where is Olivia?” Alex asked again, to which Eugene casually replied, “Don’t you go and bother her.”

Alex glared at him. “I’m not looking for her; I’m looking for Jean.”

“Then she’s not the one you are looking for,” Eugene commented. “And her name is not Jean!”

For a moment, Alex didn’t understand what Eugene was saying so he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Her name is Jewel Fenton and she can’t speak!” Eugene replied.

Alex was extremely anxious but Eugene remained calm. “Why can’t she speak?” Alex questioned. “Tell me, where are you now? I’ll go meet you!”

Eugene glared at him through the screen. “Do you know what time is it now? Unlike you, I need to sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow!” With that, he didn’t care about Alex yelling angrily over the line and hung up on him.

North looked at Eugene. “You know Miss Jewel too?”

“Alex and her used to be a couple.” Eugene explained.

Upon hearing that, North was surprised. “Then how did they break up?”

Eugene shook his head helplessly and said, “I don’t know. Can you stay at home alone or do you need me to send Nathan over?”

“Where are you going?”

“I need to check on what happened tonight,” Eugene explained.

“Alright,” North replied. “No need to send Nate over. I’m fine being by myself.”

“I’ll be back soon.” Eugene comforted him.

“I’ll investigate Kanes Corporation.”

“It’s late now. You can investigate tomorrow!” Eugene said lightly.

Even though North promised Eugene he would get some sleep, but after Eugene left, North kept tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Even though he had said he believed Jewel wouldn’t hurt his mommy, he still instinctively checked on her activities in the recent years with his computer. After making sure there wasn’t anything suspicious, he finally relaxed.

Then, he started investigating Kanes Corporation. He had to admit that the company had set up an impressive firewall. Even for him, it took him half an hour just to hack into their systems. When he found the section on the company’s year-end dividend, he didn’t see any details on Lara. Surprised, he thought to himself, Could it be that it was a lie?

He then looked up the details of a few employees and finally found Lara. It turned out she had another name—Alice. However, when he checked out that name, he didn’t find anything. It was just like when someone tried to check on their details, only the most basic of information could be found; the rest couldn’t be seen. But a little cover-up like this was just a small case for him to crack.

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