Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 486

Chapter 486 Thank You, Dear

As she spoke, she looked into her room. Eugene followed her gaze and saw the back of a person with short hair… Frowning, he questioned, “Who is he?” What is he doing in my girlfriend’s room?

Looking at Eugene’s expression, Olivia couldn’t help but want to laugh. She then glared at him and lectured, “What’s with that look? You should look at who the person is before you start being jealous, okay? Come in.” With that, she reached out and dragged Eugene in.

Jewel didn’t expect that Olivia would let someone into the room, so she was lost for a while as she looked at the tall man in front of her nervously. Suddenly, she was surprised. This man had such a strong aura; he was definitely no ordinary person!

Seeing that it was a woman, the faint discomfort in Eugene’s heart disappeared. He thought that his girlfriend had hired a male bodyguard to stay with her! However, he stared at the woman’s face suspiciously. Why did this person seem so familiar?

Olivia introduced them to each other excitedly, “Eugene, this is Jewel Fenton, whom I mentioned to you. Do you remember her?”

Eugene looked at Olivia and murmured, “Jewel who was with you in Double Dragon Court? Didn’t you say she…”

Olivia nodded happily. She was happy that Jewel was still alive and that Eugene still remembered her words. “Yes, she isn’t dead. If she was not there tonight, I couldn’t have gotten away so easily.”

It suddenly dawned on Eugene as he looked at Jewel again and said, “Thank you for saving her!”

Jewel smiled and waved her hand. Olivia continued, “Jewel, this is my boyfriend, Eugene Nolan.”

When Jewel heard her words, astonishment flashed across her eyes. She glanced at Olivia again as if she was trying to confirm that what she said was true. Eugene Nolan? Olivia’s boyfriend is Eugene Nolan?

Although she was not part of the upper class, she still habitually investigated the distribution of power in every place. She had heard of Eugene’s name. How could she not know the president of Nolan Group, who also happened to be the owner of Promise Island?

Olivia smiled and patiently explained, “I only met Eugene after saving his grandfather. After that, we soon began dating.”

It was at that moment that Eugene noticed Jewel hadn’t spoken. He then asked Olivia softly, “Can’t she talk?”

Olivia’s mood sank a little as she shook her head slightly. “No. When she came out of Double Dragon Court, she was tricked by someone and her throat was hurt by the smoke of the fire!”

Eugene’s eyes were also full of shock. When he looked at Jewel, there was an inexplicable hint of sympathy in his eyes.

Olivia excitedly pulled North forward and introduced, “North, this is Miss Jewel. You don’t remember her, do you? When you were young, you wanted her to carry you around every day!”

North was speechless. How could he remember? He was only a few months old back then.

Jewel’s eyes were full of excitement. She glanced at Olivia in surprise and squatted down cautiously before reaching out to North to hug him. North took two steps toward Jewel. Although he had no impression of her at all, he didn’t want to be rude to the person his mommy cared about so much. Jewel cried and laughed while holding North as she touched his small face lovingly. Her love for him was beyond words!

A long time had passed after they introduced themselves and became all sentimental.

“Jewel is a dishwasher in a hotel now,” Olivia murmured to Eugene. “I want her to stay with me, but the house North and I are staying at only has two rooms. Can you help me find a house with three bedrooms and a living room?”

Eugene was speechless. What is the meaning of this? What exactly is the meaning of this? Another person would come between us again, right? You even want a house with three rooms and one living room. Doesn’t it mean that you want to stay with Jewel? What about me? What if we wanted to hug each other? This woman always prioritizes others before me every single time. Are you not worried that I will become jealous? But…

This was not a suitable time to kick up a fuss so he responded generously, “Don’t worry; since she’s your friend, I will make the necessary arrangements!”

Olivia smiled and winked at him. “Thank you, dear!”

Jewel also nodded slightly toward Eugene.

Eugene was elated for a while. He tried hard to suppress the smile at the corners of his lips and asked seriously, “Did the filming go well today?”

Olivia was a little proud as she boasted, “It went well. I think I am actually a superstar whose potential is hidden by the hideous costume design.”

Eugene burst out laughing. “That’s good. If someone causes you trouble, you don’t have to hold back.”

“I know. I’m fine.” She nodded. “Plus, Jewel will be by my side in the future, so don’t worry. Together, we’re invincible! By the way, it’s really very late. You guys should go back!”

Eugene fell silent. He felt as if Olivia had just poured a bucket of cold water all over him. Didn’t she wink at him just now? How could she drive him away now?

“North, you can play with Jewel for a while. I have something to say to your mom!” With that, he dragged Olivia out and chided, “You want to leave so soon after I arrive?”

Olivia had an innocent look on her face as she murmured, “I was afraid that you might not get enough rest, okay? You have to work tomorrow and you have to take care of North as well. You must be tired.”

Eugene was speechless. There was no way that he would believe her! He reached out and pulled Olivia into his arms as he said in an aggrieved tone, “Why do others always come to bother us?”

Olivia glared at him. “What do you mean ‘bother us’?”

“I want to hug you but I have to do it in secret!”

Laughing lightly, she teased, “You sound like a resentful housewife now.”

Eugene pursed his lips. “Do you think I want to be like this?”

Olivia hugged him around his waist and looked up at him. “You’re not even acting like a president!”

Eugene fell silent. Of course he dared not act like a president in front of her. He gave her all his love and affection but still he felt insecure, worried that she would leave him as soon as he let go! He glanced at the room. “When did you get to know this friend of yours?”

“I met her when I was in Double Dragon Court!” Olivia replied. “Why? Are you interested in my friend?”

Eugene stared at her, his voice chillingly cold as he said, “Don’t know who I am interested in by now?”

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