Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 485

Chapter 485 Don’t Worry

Jewel gestured to Olivia twice, but considering the fact that Olivia couldn’t understand her, she took out her mobile phone and started typing.

‘After you left Double Dragon Court, I took up the mission with Phantom and Blood Rose. Later during a mission, I was tricked by Phantom and was locked in a warehouse by her. She set fire to the warehouse and the smoke from the fire hurt my throat.’

Olivia’s eyes were burning with anger. “Why did you group up with Phantom? You know the both of you don’t see eye to eye!”

‘It was arranged by Joseph. He always looked down upon what Jonathan did. After you left, he lost his temper and said that he won’t allow anyone from Double Dragon Court to get out alive! He’s been looking for you secretly for the past few years. I didn’t dare go looking for you as I was worried that they would follow me and find you. Thus, I changed my name and returned to the country.’

Olivia frowned. “Where are you stationed now?”

‘I’m a dishwasher at the hotel in front.’

“You became a dishwasher?”

Jewel smiled and typed on her mobile phone, ‘They made an exception by hiring me. Who would want to hire an employee who can’t speak?’

Olivia felt distressed again as she asked, “Then how did you escape that warehouse?”

Jewel took a deep breath. It was evident that it was painful for her to recall that incident. Olivia stepped forward and hugged her. “It’s alright; let’s not talk about that. In the future, you can follow me. I promise I will keep you well fed!”

Jewel smiled and shook her head to signal that she was okay. Then, she started typing with her mobile phone…

‘At that time, I couldn’t open the door of the warehouse no matter how much I pushed or kicked at it. Later on, I found that there was a vent on the roof of the warehouse. Fortunately, there were a few plastic boxes lying around, so I used them to climb up there. However, my hands and arms were burned in the process. It took countless skin grafts to make them look like what they currently look like today!’

Olivia held Jewel’s hands. In fact, if one looked closely, one could still see the scars on her hand. Looking at them, she felt distressed again. “No wonder they said you were dead when we took the money to Double Dragon Court to save you.”

Jewel’s tears fell uncontrollably and she reached out to hug Olivia, signifying that she was fine. Olivia wiped her tears away and soothed her with a smile, “It’s all right. You can quit your job! You will stay with me from now on!”

Jewel smiled as she cried. She let Olivia hold her as she recalled the hardships, sufferings and discrimination she had suffered over the past few years. The two girls communicated ​​what happened to them in the past few years in this way.

Before they could calm down, the doorbell rang. Olivia was surprised. Who would come over so late at night? She had bade Sean and Eric farewell just now. Who else could it be? She got up and opened the door, only to find a man and a child standing there nervously. Surprised, she asked, “Why are you here?”

Eugene grabbed her and looked her up and down, his eyes filled with worry. “Are you okay?”

Only then did Olivia know that the two people traveled for more than an hour to reach here because they found out that she had been robbed. “I’m alright. I’m still alive and well, yes?”

Eugene breathed a long sigh of relief and he could finally relax. “You scared me to death. Are you hurt? I will arrange for more of my men to come over tomorrow.”

Olivia started sweating profusely. “No, no. Haven’t you already sent a lot of bodyguards? I was shocked when so many bodyguards showed up today.”

Eugene glared at the disobedient woman and countered, “There were so many bodyguards but they still couldn’t guarantee your safety!”

Olivia pursed her lips and argued, “What do you mean by ‘couldn’t guarantee my safety’? I’m fine; don’t worry. Plus, you don’t have to worry anymore in the future. I have an assistant now.”

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