Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 484

Chapter 484 Where Have You Been

But what did it matter? Even if she had bodyguards, they were still outnumbered! Following the plump man’s order, a group of people surrounded Olivia.

Meanwhile, several bodyguards circled her protectively, fighting off anyone who came forward. But after holding their ground for a while, the bodyguards’ defense was breached when one of the men swung toward Olivia’s head. However, she managed to avoid his attack and aimed her long legs at the man’s head, causing him to collapse to the ground. With that, he didn’t stand up again!

Olivia was good at long-range offenses. If she really fought in close quarters she would not have enough strength, so she usually resolved the crisis at approximately two meters from her. When those men saw that their accomplices fell to the ground just like that, they were suddenly on guard.

No wonder so many of them were sent out to go after her. This woman was really hard to deal with! The plump man commanded, “Attack together! Forget about the others; just attack Olivia—”

Before he could say anything else, he was punched in the head. The attacker used so much force that the man felt as if he was hit by a hammer. Before falling to the ground, he got a look at the attacker; she happened to be a woman with short hair who was looking at him with cold eyes, much like she was looking at a dead person. However, before he could recognize who this person was, he fell to the ground.

When Olivia saw this, she looked at the woman in surprise… Is she here to help me?

But before she could figure it out, the woman moved again. She was flexible yet insanely strong and didn’t have mercy on them at all. She managed to subdue most of her opponents with just one move! Standing still, Olivia looked at the woman in front of her and observed her actions closely. Gradually, the woman overlapped with a certain figure in her mind. Jewel?

Jewel from Double Dragon Court who used to be friends with her and senior! Suddenly, she became excited and wanted to finish off this group of men as soon as possible, so she started to attack the man next to her. As a result, the group of people who had hoped to catch Olivia retreated one after another. Eventually, some of them ran away, while some suffered injuries so serious that they couldn’t get up from the ground.

Olivia didn’t want to chase after them anymore, so she just asked the bodyguards to remain there and deal with them. She then walked toward the woman while staring at her. Because it was too dim, she couldn’t see what the woman looked like. She could only see her moves and the outlines of her features looked like Jewel.

“Jewel?” she cautiously called out, but the woman smiled and said nothing.

When Olivia was sure that the person in front of her was Jewel, she opened her arms and hugged her with tears rolling down the corners of her eyes. “I thought I would never see you again!”

The woman patted her back with her hand, but still made no sound.

Only then did Olivia realize that she had not spoken. “What’s the matter with you?”

Jewel pointed her finger at her throat and waved her hand again, indicating that she could not speak. Hearing this, Olivia was stunned. “You can’t talk anymore?”

Jewel nodded. Olivia suddenly felt suffocated, followed by an aching pain in her heart. What happened to her? Why can’t she talk anymore?

Olivia picked up the bag on the ground and dragged Jewel out of the alley, heading back to the hotel where she was staying. Under the light, she looked at Jewel in distress. “I thought you were dead; I cried for so long!”

Jewel shook her head.

Olivia asked again, “Then where have you been the past few years? Why didn’t you come to us?”

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