Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 483

Chapter 483 Give Me Back My Bag

Eugene looked impatient too as he said, “Tell me!” Brian angrily pulled the pot back and was about to continue eating when he heard Eugene say in a cold tone, “Are you not going to stop eating?”

Brian glared at him impatiently before saying, “Isaac said that Lara is a shareholder of Kanes Corporation.”

Eugene still looked surprised as he asked, “How is this possible?” How can Lara be a shareholder of Kanes Corporation, a company that has been around for hundreds of years?

“Isaac heard about this accidentally. I also found it unbelievable so I wanted to ask North to look it up for me!”

Eugene thought for a while and said, “There’s a new secretary in our company who once worked for Kanes Corporation. I should be able to find something out if I ask her.”

North, who had not spoken much, suddenly blurted, “Don’t ask her. I’ll look it up for you!”

Eugene looked at him suspiciously as he questioned, “What’s the matter?”

North thought for a while before saying, “I keep having this feeling that I’ve seen your secretary somewhere before.”

Eugene was taken aback. “You’ve seen her before? Where did you see her?”

Shaking his head, North murmured, “I can’t remember.”

“North is right,” Brian agreed. “You should look into this matter and investigate this secretary while you’re at it!”

On the other hand, Olivia was busy filming until around seven in the evening and the sky had already turned dark in Summer City as it was winter. Luckily, the shooting location was not far from her hotel and was only a few hundred meters away. There were several actors walking along with her, but Summer was not among them. She was one of President Liam’s people, so naturally she would return with him. This was almost a well-known fact in this industry.

Soon, they arrived at the hotel where they were staying. Suddenly, two armed men jumped out from the alley, each wearing a cap and mask. Their purpose was obvious as they snatched the bag in Olivia’s hand and ran away.

Olivia was caught off guard and had her bag snatched away by them. She froze for a few beats before chasing after them. Both Sean and Eric followed her instinctively. Worried that the men would hurt her, Sean shouted from behind, “Olivia, don’t chase them!”

Olivia, however, was furious. How could she not chase them? Her script was in the bag. She was planning to go back and have a good look at it. How could she go through it if they snatched it away? “It’s alright. You guys can go back first; I can handle it myself!”

Sean and Eric were willing to help her but they were only actors after all, so their physical strength couldn’t compare with Olivia, a martial artist. It wasn’t long before they were left behind.

The two men ran through streets and alleys, trying to run toward remote places. Then, they stopped in a narrow alley. Olivia also arrived close behind. The alleyway was dimly-lit, but she saw the group of people waiting there. Her heart sank as she felt that she had been fooled. It turned out that their purpose was not to snatch her bag but to target her! However, she didn’t run away. She might not be able to escape at this moment even if she wanted to, not to mention that Eugene’s bodyguards were with her.

She looked at the group of people and said calmly, “Give me back my bag!”

Several men laughed and poked fun at her. “You’re still thinking about the bag at such a critical moment?”

“Yes. You should worry for your life!”

Their leader, a chubby man who was of average height, shouted sharply, “Alright, stop with the nonsense. Finish her off!”

As soon as he gave the instruction, more than a dozen men surrounded Olivia with sticks in their hands. Everyone didn’t really give in their all as they didn’t take Olivia seriously. They actually sent out more than a dozen of them to deal with one woman and no matter how they looked at it, they felt that it was overkill. So when five or six bodyguards appeared next to Olivia, they were surprised. No wonder the woman was so calm and relaxed. It turned out that someone was secretly protecting her.

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