Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 482

Chapter 482 The Shareholder of Kanes Corporation

“Yes, but I heard that she also has shares in that company.”

Brian lowered his head and fell silent. He did not expect Lara to be a shareholder of Kanes Corporation. She was indeed an ambitious woman with extraordinary means.

“If you are lying to me…” Without finishing his sentence, he pressed the dagger against Isaac’s chest.

Isaac was about to faint from fear and he immediately responded, “Don’t worry, Young Master Brian. I will never lie to you again!”

“What else do you know?” Brian pressed on. “Tell me everything you know!”

Frowning, Isaac mumbled, “Lara is very cunning. She will only inform me about matters that she needs me to help her with. She doesn’t tell me anything else.”

Brian asked again, “She is a shareholder of Kanes Corporation. Does Edward know about this?”

“I’m not sure about this either.”

“Back then, did Lara deliberately arrange for you to go to Eugene’s side or were you instigated by her halfway through?” Brian questioned.

Isaac glanced at him discreetly and whispered, “I was instigated by Lara. At that time, she analyzed the pros and cons for me, saying that no one can escape unscathed in a great disaster and that the young master was already having trouble protecting himself. She said that I have to find another way to survive and told me that I would work under her if I handled this matter well, even promising to give me 200,000. I couldn’t withstand the temptation and agreed. I drank alcohol deliberately while it was raining and caused a traffic accident. Honestly, I didn’t want to kill Ellen but my car was rear-ended by the car behind, which caused a second collision. That’s why Ellen was injured so badly. After the incident, I took the initiative to apologize to Young Master Nolan and admitted my mistake. Although he was angry, he didn’t do anything to me. He just beat me up and sent me to the police station. Two years later, I was released on bail by Lara and then went abroad. I didn’t return until a few days ago!”

Whe Brian heard this, he felt as if he was re-experiencing the scene of his mother’s tragic death. He suddenly got up and stepped on Isaac’s body as he shouted, “Just die already!”

Isaac begged for mercy with great difficulty, “Young Master Brian, please forgive me! I was also forced but I even took the initiative to tell you everything. Please forgive me!”

Brian sneered, “Alright then. I won’t kill you, but don’t think of leaving. You can stay here for the rest of your life!” With that, Brian turned and left.

He then called Eugene and learned that he was having hotpot with North, so he rushed over. However when he got there, the two of them had already started eating.

Brian looked slightly resentful. After finding out that Eugene was not the murderer and did not betray them, Brian stopped fussing over it but he still cared a little in his heart. It was not a serious matter that crossed his principles, after all. However, he still wouldn’t greet Eugene respectfully when he saw him.

“I said that I was coming. Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Eugene put a fish ball in his mouth and said calmly, “Who knows when you will arrive?”

Brian pursed his lips. After sitting down, he picked up his chopsticks and started eating without saying a word.

Eugene frowned. “Why did you want to talk to me?”

“Who said that I wanted to talk to you?”

Eugene glared at him and retorted, “If you’re not here to talk to me, why are you here?”

“I’m here for my nephew!”

When North heard this, he raised his eyes and looked at Brian. “Why are you looking for me?”

Still eating, Brian explained, “I’m trying to look up who the shareholders of Kanes Corporation are!”

“Kanes Corporation?” Eugene asked in surprise.

Brian snorted and ignored him as he continued to put ingredients into the hotpot and eat. Eugene was speechless as he stepped forward and pulled the pot of soup to him. Brian hadn’t even taken a bite of the vermicelli so he instinctively stood up and went after the pot of soup. “Wait…”

Eugene just ignored him and dragged the pot of soup to a spot that Brian could just barely reach if he bent over. Being his usual stubborn self, Brian bent down and ate the vermicelli before glaring at Eugene. “What are you doing?”

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