Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 479

Chapter 479 Message From Olivia

With that, she retreated to her room and slammed the door. Seeing this, Olivia was speechless. The assistant then struggled out of Olivia’s hold and said, “Thank you, Miss Maxwell, but I’m fine.”

Olivia repeated angrily, “Fine? What do you mean by fine? Your head is swollen. Come with me; I’ll apply some ointment for you.”

The young assistant waved her hand hurriedly and rejected her offer. “No, it’s alright. I have to buy milk tea for Miss Summer!” With that, she left in a hurry.

Olivia frowned and kept staring at the back of the girl who had already ran a distance. She could not understand why that girl would continue to tolerate Summer!

“Stop looking,” Sean advised. “If she doesn’t want to be mistreated like this, she can leave. She chooses to do this because she wants this job, right? Only she can bear it herself. We outsiders can’t help her much!”

Hearing this, Olivia fell silent.

Meanwhile at Nolan Group’s headquarters, Eugene had just come out of an executive’s meeting. Of course, North was following him. The moment he walked into the meeting room with North, he managed to frighten the crowd of high-level officials. They were all speculating about who the child was. However, Eugene didn’t mention a word about North. He only found a chair for North to sit next to him. Yet, they couldn’t suppress their curiosity.

Those high-level officials didn’t dare to ask him nor did they dare to glance at North, and the meeting passed awkwardly. Their main discussion today was their plan for the Roberts Group. Although all the senior executives were surprised, they understood that Eugene would have targeted the Roberts Group sooner or later! It just seemed to be a bit earlier than expected. They thought he would wait until Master Merlin’s hundredth birthday but to their surprise, Eugene didn’t want to wait any longer.

Truth was, they didn’t know it was because of Lara’s non-stop trickery. Back then, Eugene just let her off the hook for the sake of Master Merlin. However, she kept pushing his buttons and now that he was married with children, he must destroy these two ticking bombs as soon as possible!

Lara did not have any of Nolan Group’s shares and had less than 10% of Edward’s shares. Therefore, Edward and Lara tried every means to become allies with some wealthy families by marriage to increase their strength so that they would be able to get on Eugene’s level and compete with him. They even secretly tried to win over his uncles just to suppress him! Even Master Merlin’s servant was trying to get some shares from Master Merlin by serving him.

How could his grandpa fail to see through such a selfish and indifferent person? Thus, his grandpa gave him the position of Head of the Nolan Family and even the shares in the will were for him. They all thought Grandpa was fooled by him, but he was actually wiser than anyone else!

At the end of the two-hour meeting, Eugene left with North and the meeting room was in an uproar. The matter was as explosive a news as a bucket of ice water which was poured into a boiling pan of oil.

“Who is that kid? Could he be the illegitimate child of our president?”

“That kid has been to our company once. When our company’s computer server was down, it was he who fixed it!”

“My goodness, is that kid really that impressive?”

“I can guarantee that this child must be our president’s son. Look at the doting eyes of our president when he looks at him. If the kid wasn’t his child, why would he bring him along wherever he went? He even brought the kid to the meeting!”

“You are all wrong! This child is Dr. Maxwell’s child. I saw him at Master Merlin’s birthday party, which means our president is in a relationship with Dr. Maxwell! That’s why he treats the kid as his own child!”

“Oh, I see. He treats the child well because he’s dating the kid’s mother!”

Unbeknownst to Eugene, the news that he and Olivia were dating had spread throughout the entire company a few minutes after they left. When he arrived at the office, Eugene smelled a vague fragrance. Then, he glanced at the small ornaments on the table, in particular a colorful hourglass which looked aesthetically pleasing. He was a little puzzled but he didn’t think too much about it. Turning on his phone, he saw a message from Olivia. ‘It’s not that difficult to use the hanging wire. What should I do? I think I’m born to be a star!’

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