Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 477

Chapter 477 Born to Be a Star

The young assistant nodded and agreed, “Yes. You’ll just be stooping to her level by holding grudges against her.” Upon hearing this, Summer relented, “Ask the makeup artist to come in.”

The young assistant hummed and went outside to look for the makeup artist so that Summer could have her makeup done. An hour later, Summer walked out wearing a white tulle dress.

Meanwhile, Olivia wore a cyan gauzy dress that complemented Margot’s character. They were both equally stunning as they stood together. While Olivia didn’t think much about it, Summer felt like she was being robbed of the limelight.

The assistant director then began to brief them about the drama, shooting location, how to use the hanging wire and the like. After all, it was the first time that Olivia had filmed a fantasy drama. Often, the actors had to rely on hanging wires and green screens as the background, so they had to act based on their imagination—it was a challenge for her.

Soon, shooting began. The first scene was not as difficult as Olivia thought. In this scene, she alone had to use the hanging wire and the rest did not have to do such stunts for this scene. She had been worried that she couldn’t control it well but after filming this scene, she felt relieved as she quickly became better at it.

On the other hand, Summer made mistakes frequently. Director Norris was furious. Pointing at Summer, he scolded, “Summer, there’s something wrong with the look in your eyes. When you look at your sister who is helping you out, your eyes should be full of admiration, excitement, or even joy—not hatred as if she robbed you of your credit and you want to kill her.”

Summer apologized meekly, “I’m sorry, Director Norris. I’ll do it again.” She closed her eyes and tried to get herself into the right state of mind. She knew that this was all due to Olivia. Since she already hated Olivia, how could she show love and admiration for her? After sorting out her emotions, Summer said, “Director, we can start filming now.”

Once again, Director Norris announced, “Alright. All departments, get ready. We’re doing another take and—action!”

Summer looked at Olivia and clapped happily. “You’re amazing!” She had the correct expression this time round. However, although she desperately wanted to look excited, only admiration filled her eyes.

Director Norris’ expression turned dark and he was no longer polite as he said, “Quinnie has an eccentric personality. Do you think that her eyes would be filled with only one emotion? Have you even figured out the thoughts of the characters? You’ve worked in so many dramas, yet you’re even worse than a newcomer!”

Summer was already very furious. She could bear the director’s scoldings but she didn’t expect him to compare her to Olivia. “Director Norris, I’ll try to get into the right state of mind.”

The director reiterated, “You and Margot are sisters. You’re very dependent on her, but you have your own personality as well. You should at least move your eyes around more, alright? You can do the same as Margot and make some hand gestures. You can also put on a gloating expression and clap your hands as you cheer. No matter what, you have to make the characters come alive, not stand here with only one kind of look in your eyes and repeating the same type of action!”

Summer nodded. “I understand, Director. We can start filming now!” After being scolded twice by the director, Summer finally managed to get into character.

In the next attempt at filming this scene, Olivia beat up the group of bullies and flew down again with the help of hanging wire. Landing in front of Summer, she told her, “Next time you are bullied, you should fight back. Understand?”

In the end, Summer was worried that Olivia would accidentally crash into her since it was her first time wire-flying and had no prior experience with it. She was so scared that she took a step back, only to receive another scolding.

Every time Director Norris scolded her, he would praise Olivia once. Perhaps he didn’t have high expectations of her since she was a newcomer, or maybe Olivia already had a similar personality to the character, so she didn’t need much skills to act well. In short, she smoothly and successfully acted out her parts.

This made Olivia feel as if she didn’t have any sense of accomplishment. As she took a break, she sent a message to Eugene. ‘It’s not that difficult to use the hanging wire. What should I do? I think I’m born to be a star!’

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