Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 476

Chapter 476 He Didn’t Treat You as an Outsider

This film told the story of the sisters Margot and Quinnie Pierce, as well the brothers Chad and Jack Newman. Quinnie was an eccentric girl and the seventh-born, hence her sisters called her Little Seven. Legend had it that one could be brought back to life as long as they obtained Quinnie’s heart, albeit a fairy or a demon. But at the beginning, everyone didn’t know that they had to get her to treat them wholeheartedly, and not her physical heart!

Meanwhile, Olivia portrayed Quinnie’s elder sister. She wore her heart on her sleeve and was smart and wise, not to mention good in martial arts. Margot always protected Little Seven. Later on, Chad was forced to marry the daughter of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. She went to the Heavenly Court along with Quinnie and fought nine people single handedly before forcing Chad to choose between her and his fiancée. Her bold act caused her to immediately attract countless fans.

On the other hand, Chad and Jack were half-brothers. One was righteous while the other was evil; they were on totally different sides. In the war, Chad was injured and fell to the mortal world. He chanced upon Quinnie, who was going down the mountain and she saved him by accident. The two did not trust each other in the beginning but soon they developed feelings for each other.

Later on, Chad was urgently summoned back to Heavenly Court. Thinking that Quinnie was a mere mortal, he left her in the mortal world to wait for him. Meanwhile, Margot went down the mountain to look for her sister after discovering that she was missing and encountered Jack. He wanted to capture Quinnie and planned to use her heart to save his own mother. Thus, the two of them, who didn’t like each other in the beginning, finally started to develop feelings for each other.

However, the script did not reveal much about their relationship, so everyone guessed that it was very likely that Margot and Jack would get their own spinoff if this show did well. After all, Margot’s personality was very popular among the audience.

The next scene they were about to film was Quinnie being bullied by her classmates in school. After Margot knew about it, she brought Quinnie along and beat up all the bullies until they kneeled on the ground begging for mercy!

Olivia silently memorized the lines in her heart and planned to go through it once more later on if she had the time. On the other hand, Summer was furious. After she returned to the dressing room, she drove the makeup artist out and then sat on a chair, taking deep breaths.

The young assistant cautiously approached her. “Are you alright, Miss Summer?”

“Go and check something out for me. What is Director Norris and Olivia’s relationship? This is her first day filming but why did he protect her although she’s just a newcomer?”

The young assistant said, “Olivia seems to know Marcus. Maybe Director Norris takes special care of her because of Marcus?”

“She knows Marcus?” Summer murmured. “The president of Metrostar Entertainment?”

“Yes, Miss Summer. Do you not like Olivia? Last time when you heard that the clothes were Olivia’s clothes, you refused to wear them.”

Summer snorted. “She is the one who publicly embarrassed my cousin at the opening ceremony. How can I possibly like her?”

It suddenly dawned on the young assistant on what was happening. “Ah—you mean Zoe, your cousin?”

“Yeah. Not only did she embarrass her, she robbed her of the role that was originally hers. There’s no way that I can bear this disgusting woman.”

“However, Olivia is quite close to Marcus so you better hold it in,” the assistant advised. “Didn’t President Liam tell you to keep a low profile today?”

Summer complained, “Speaking of this makes my blood boil. That bloody ​​Kate was the one who scolded me, yet he actually said that I was being unreasonable?”

The young assistant replied, “Jasper is a friend of President Liam, so he had to show him face and had no choice but to fault you then. People are usually harsh to those who they’re close to and tolerant to outsiders. The fact that he wronged you proved that he doesn’t treat you as an outsider.”

For some unknown reason, this sentence touched Summer’s heart and her mood seemed to improve a lot. “You’re right. She’s a newcomer, so I will let her off the hook today.”

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