Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 475

Chapter 475 Biased

After arriving on set, she went directly to see Director Norris. He was a man in his forties to fifties with a huge moustache. His temper wasn’t good but he took care of her, which perhaps was due to Marcus. She took the initiative to apologize and explained that she couldn’t stop halfway when she was treating a patient.

Director Norris glanced at Olivia. He was indeed angry but he cherished talents. He had watched her movies that were shot overseas. Although she wasn’t the main character, her acting skills were commendable. When he heard from Marcus that it was her first movie, he couldn’t believe it until she went for the casting audition. Only then did he feel that she was a promising talent. Besides, he felt that she would be able to portray Margot Pearce perfectly! Therefore, he was lenient with this actress. “Since you have a reasonable explanation, what else can I say?”

Olivia was extremely grateful. “Thank you for understanding, Director Norris.”

“Have you read the script?” he asked.

“I have, and I’ve also memorized it.”

Upon hearing that, Director Norris finally seemed satisfied. “I heard from President Cohen that you’re busy so we’ll shoot your scenes first. I bet that you haven’t met the other actors in the film, have you? I’ll introduce them to you now!”

Olivia nodded politely. “Thank you, Director Norris. I did not have a chance to get to know them during the ceremony of the first shooting.”

Director Norris stood up and urged, “Let’s go then!”

Walking to the front, Director Norris called a few actors over. “I believe you’ve all heard of each other, haven’t you? This is Olivia, who is going to portray Margot Pearce.” Then, he pointed to each one of them and introduced, “This is Summer Monroe, who will be playing Little Seven; Sean Landon who will play Chad Newman and Eric Gabel, the actor for Jack Newman. They will be your partners in the movie.”

Olivia greeted them politely, “Nice to meet you.”

In return, Sean and Eric greeted Olivia politely while Summer remained silent. So this is Olivia, Summer thought. Since Olivia chose to appear in front of her instead of hide herself away, Summer would make things difficult for her.

Olivia looked at Summer too, knowing that she was the one who made things difficult for Kate and mocked her clothes. In that case, she would look forward to the moment when Summer realized that she was wrong! So what if she was pretty? How far could a sarcastic and mean person like her go? After all, which celebrity wasn’t pretty?

After they greeted each other, Director Norris said, “Since all of you are here today, we’ll shoot Margot’s scene first for these few days since she’s busy.”

Summer frowned. How can he be so biased? “Director Norris, who isn’t busy in our industry? Our progress has been delayed because Margot didn’t show up these few days. Why should we accommodate her just because she’s busy?”

Director Norris glanced coldly at Summer. “Do you think only you are allowed to act haughtily?”

“I didn’t!” Summer grumbled softly but Director Norris interrupted her, “Enough. Those of you who are not busy, please cooperate. We’ll shoot Margot and Little Seven’s scene today.”

After that, he instructed everyone to get ready. The staff started to set up the scene while the stylists were busy doing the stars’ makeup.

The makeup artist for Olivia was a young man. While doing her makeup, he gasped, “You have such perfect skin and don’t even need to conceal anything! I’ll just put some moisturizer on and you’re good to go.”

Olivia smiled and thanked him while holding the script as she memorized her lines. Truth was, she only read the script once when her cousin forced her to. After that, she didn’t even have the time to read it.

After Eugene left last night, she quickly scanned through a few more times. Fortunately, there weren’t many of her scenes and she was good at memorizing lines. Now that she had reread it, her memory was refreshed.

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