Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 474

Chapter 474 Are You Scared of Me

The reality hit him hard. Looking up, Olivia noticed Nathan was staring into space so she asked, “Is it settled?”

Nathan nodded. “Yeah. Something was wrong with my program but North solved it for me.” Then, he decided to make a move. “I’ll get going now.”

Olivia knitted her eyebrows and said, “Why rush? Sit down.” With that, she asked him to sit on the sofa opposite her.

Nathan awkwardly agreed. Was Olivia going to tell him that Kate and that man were now dating and he shouldn’t interrupt their lives? Slowly, he walked over and sat down dejectedly. “W-What’s wrong?”

Olivia stared at him, her gaze sharp. “Are you afraid of me?”

“I’m not,” Nathan argued. “Why should I be?” Olivia felt suspicious so she pressed on, “Why don’t you look at me if you’re not afraid of me?”

Shifting in his seat, Nathan replied, “You’re my uncle’s girlfriend now and will be his wife in the future. Naturally, I can’t stare at you because it’s rude.”

Frustrated, Olivia could only laugh as she teased, “Since when did you have such good manners?”

On the contrary, Eugene was happy that his nephew wasn’t a good-for-nothing after all and was rather sensible!

Nathan squeezed out a smile. “I dare not be rude in front of my uncle.”

Olivia snorted. “Stop with your nonsense. Are you guilty of doing anything?”

Nathan had an expression of being wronged. “Guilty? What did I do?”

Olivia countered fiercely, “Who knows?”

“These few days, I’ve been busy developing and experimenting this new game and I didn’t even step out of the house. So I truly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Frown lightening, Olivia asked, “Who’s the woman that went to the studio with you today?”

It suddenly dawned on Nathan. “You mean Gwen? She’s part of our game development team and was the only one who managed to reach the level where the problem is found so I decided to bring her along this morning, hoping that she could explain the issues clearly to Nathan.”

Inwardly, Olivia let out a sigh of relief. It turned out that the woman was his colleague. “Why are you hiding from me then?”

Nathan shifted again. Facing Olivia, he somehow felt that he was sitting on pins and needles as he asked, “Is there anything else?”

Olivia countered, “You wish for me to have something else to tell you?”

Nathan shook his head vehemently and replied, “No.” With that, he hastily stood up. “If that’s all, I’ll get going now.” As long as he didn’t hear anything, he could pretend to not know what was going on.

Looking at Nathan who fled helter-skelter, Olivia was perplexed. Then, she looked at Eugene and asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

Eugene only shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Olivia pursed her lips and questioned, “As his uncle, why don’t you care about his love life?”

Pouting, Eugene mumbled, “His uncle’s love life is a mess too.”

Olivia glared at him. “What mess? Are you trying to push your luck?”

Eugene looked agitated. “I don’t know if my girlfriend loves me sincerely or not. Every time I want to kiss or hug her, she shuns me!”

Olivia was speechless for a moment before she retorted, “I’m glad that you’re aware of that too.”

“I know myself.”

Olivia glared at him. “So why do you keep hugging and kissing me?”

Eugene smiled and said, “Taking the initiative to hug and kiss isn’t the same as receiving them.”

Raised her hand, she swung it at Eugene. “You’re shameless!”

Subconsciously, he dodged it. Infuriated, Olivia stood up and pounced on him while he fought back. Both of them frolicked on the sofa and it ended when Eugene managed to pin Olivia down.

The next day, Olivia went to the film set. Due to it being far from the city, she had to stay in the hotel this week. Worried that North would find it boring, she finally listened to Eugene and left North at home.

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