Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 472

Chapter 472 Is He Home

When Olivia reached home, Eugene had already fetched North back and dinner was on the table. It felt extremely nice and relaxing to be able to settle everything with just a call. When she got home, she could even enjoy warm meals. Finally, she wouldn’t have to rush round the clock all by herself.

Walking toward Eugene, she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Thank you, dear.” Eugene raised his eyebrow and questioned, “For what?”

She knitted her eyebrows and sniffed at his shirt like a puppy. Amused, he asked, “What are you sniffing at?”

“What is this smell?”

Eugene sniffed too but he couldn’t smell anything. “What smell? Should be food.”

Olivia didn’t think so and felt like she could get a whiff of faint perfume instead. But when she thought of his personality, she immediately discarded the thought. “Maybe.”

“Alright then; go wash your hands. I’ll call North for dinner.”

Olivia hummed and did as she was told. After changing her clothes and coming out of the room, she saw the father and son were already seated at the dining table.

“How’s everything, North? Did you find anything?” Olivia sat down while asking.

North nodded. “I found the address of Grandma’s classmates and the hotel owner where the gathering was held that year.”

Surprised, Olivia looked at Eugene. “What are you going to do? Should we look for them all?”

Eugene nodded. “I’ve told my men to find them.”

“It seems like it’s going relatively smoothly,” Olivia commented.

North was chewing his food so he mumbled, “Not really. Grandma’s classmates have parted ways and are all over the place. Some of them have even migrated overseas so it’ll take a long time to find them.”

Worried, Olivia looked at Eugene but he smiled and said, “It’s fine; I can do both.”

“Are you starting to target Roberts Group?” Olivia asked, to which Eugene replied, “Since she wants to end this early, let’s fulfill her wish!”

“Your father will surely stop you.”

Eugene retorted coldly, “I don’t care.”

Upon hearing that, Olivia was speechless. She couldn’t persuade him so she changed the topic. “I’ll be entering the film set tomorrow and I’m bringing North along too, so you’ll be home alone these few days.”

Eugene was shocked. Although he was prepared, he still felt surprised. “You’re going to the set tomorrow?”

Olivia said calmly, “Yes. I should’ve gone earlier and if I keep delaying, my cousin will surely come after me.”

Eugene knew that she delayed her shooting because of Brian so even though he was extremely reluctant to let her go, he had no choice but to agree. “North should stay with me because you won’t have time to take good care of him.”

Olivia glanced at North. “Who do you want to stay with, North?”

Calmly, he replied, “I’ll go with the one who needs me the most.”

She burst out laughing. “From whom did you inherit your narcissist characteristic?”

North giggled and teased, “From the both of you, of course. None of you can run from this.” As soon as he said that, all three of them froze and the father and son duo looked at Olivia in concern.

Olivia was stunned as well but she recovered and glared at North. “You should’ve just said it’s from me.”

North smiled. He was terrified but fortunately for him, his mother didn’t read too much into it. Eugene was relieved too. His silly son almost spilled the beans!

At that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang so Olivia got up to answer the door as she said, “It must be Nathan. He was looking for you in the studio this morning.”

As expected, it was Nathan outside the door. But right now, he looked even more dejected than he was in the morning. “Olivia, is North home?”

“He’s home.” she let him in. “Have you eaten? Why don’t you join us!”

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