Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 471

Chapter 471 Burn Your Bridges Behind You

Who wasn’t a fool in love? Just like a flying moth that flew close to the fire, it was obvious that it wouldn’t end well but they went for it anyway.

For the entire evening, Olivia and Kate were shooting in the photo studio. The more photos Olivia took, the better she looked. While taking photos, she even paid attention to Kate. Seeing that Kate was staring blankly at a spot again, she couldn’t help but sigh helplessly to herself. Although Kate looked unperturbed and acted cheerful on the outside, she was obviously affected. Otherwise, why would she lose her temper and chase Summer away? Or why would she want to give it a try with Jasper and even lose her concentration from time to time?

After the shooting session for another style ended, Kate finally came back to her senses. She then looked at Olivia and said with a smile, “I wonder if Summer will lose it if she sees this set of photos.”

Without responding, Olivia walked toward the computer to look at the photos. They had taken many photos and without even trying, Olivia looked gorgeous in different styles, some of which included cute, sexy, flirtatious, innocent and even those in ancient costumes.

“Our Olivia is indeed both sexy and sweet,” Kate teased. “When the photos are ready, I’ll send a few to President Nolan and he’ll surely be grateful to me. He ought to know that he found a gem.”

With that, their shooting session for that style was over. “Why should he be grateful to you?” Olivia questioned, to which Kate replied, “If I hadn’t brought you together, would Eugene become your boyfriend?”

After pondering, Olivia asked, “Isn’t it because of my charm?”

Kate pursed her lips and muttered, “You think you won him over with your egg fried rice?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Olivia innocently refuted. “Eugene says that it’s delicious!”

Kate’s lips twitched. “Do you think he dares to say otherwise?”

Smugly, Olivia prompted, “Come to think of it, it doesn’t taste so bad, does it?”

Kate scoffed, “Stop dreaming, Olivia! President Nolan only says that it’s tasty because he loves you. In reality, it’s far from the truth!”

Looking at Kate, Olivia asked in an icy tone, “So you don’t need my help in the future then?”

Kate smiled. “Since the shooting for the magazine cover is completed, you are now dismissed!”

Packing her things up, Olivia said lazily, “Alright then. Anyway, I can’t be bothered to ask Nathan what’s going on with him and that woman.”

Kate froze and felt an ache in her heart. Acting unperturbed, she commented, “Why bother asking? Nowadays, boyfriends are useless. Tell him to step aside!”

Smiling, Olivia exclaimed, “That’s impressive!”

“Of course!” Kate’s eyes lit up. “Oh—I’ve thought of how President Nolan can thank me!”

Olivia felt suspicious and questioned, “How? By introducing a boyfriend to you?”

“It’s none of your business.” Kate snorted. “This is between President Nolan and I!”

“Why do I feel like you’re snatching him from me?”

Kate was speechless. “Only if I can!”

Smiling, Olivia asked, “Then are you burning bridges?”

“I’ve already crossed it so why should I keep it?”

Olivia glanced at her before commenting, “Well, I can’t do anything but I bet I can stop my boyfriend from thanking you!”

Upon hearing that, Kate was stunned before she strode toward Olivia and smiled. “Oh my dear Olivia. Please let me bring you home and keep you.”

Meanwhile, Olivia cracked her neck and complained, “My shoulder is sore!”

“I’ll give you a massage!” Massaging her shoulders, Kate teased, “Olivia, does this feel good?”

Olivia deliberately replied, “It’s alright. Harder please!”

Kate replied in an ingratiating tone, “Alright!”

Olivia smiled. It seemed like Kate’s mood had lightened so she said, “That’s enough. Let’s continue the shooting. My time is precious.”

Later on at night…

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