Son In Law Madness Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Abuse Of Power

Pierre was incensed. He knew for certain that Donald did that on purpose. But from their brief physical exchange earlier, Pierre was not confident that he could take down Donald.

Recalling his grandfather’s advice before he came to Pollerton, Pierre tried to suppress his anger and asked, “What’s your name? Where do you work?” Donald was amused. “Why should I tell you?”

Hearing that, Pierre flashed his military ID and informed solemnly, “I’m the brigadier at Xemrich Special Brigade, currently on a mission to look into espionage activities. You’re under arrest on suspicion of spying. Please follow me to the precinct.”

Donald looked at Pierre in bewilderment, for he was unaware that a military ID could be used for such a purpose.

Sally thought that Donald was intimidated when she saw that he refused to cooperate. She got to her feet, shook off the dust on her clothes, and said smugly, “See? This is what you get for knocking into me. Brace yourself, young man. You’re going to the military court.”

All that while, Donald had defended Quadfield and protected Yorksland for the sake of the peace and prosperity of the land. Because of that, he had always held the soldiers in high regard, but he was disappointed when he met a loser like Pierre.

Donald pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. “Are you sure you want me to follow you? I’m afraid Xemrich will have to go through a major reshuffling after my visit.” A major reshuffling?

Pierre glanced at Donald in disbelief as if the latter was a fool. “Well, I’m not sure if there will be a reshuffling in Xemrich, but I’m sure you’ll be wallowing in blood tonight. It’s either you go there willingly, or I get the police to get you over.”

Aware that Pierre was fixated on apprehending him, Donald said to Jennifer, “I’ve already booked a place at the restaurant. Wait for me there. I’ll be back in a bit.” Jennifer wanted to say something, but Donald assured her with his gaze not to worry about him.

Likewise, Pierre asked Sally and Danielle Jenkins, his wife, to go to the restaurant first. Since Donald had agreed to go with him, Pierre figured Donald would definitely end up in bad shape that night.

After they went out of the parking lot, Pierre brought Donald to the closest police station and asked for the use of an interrogation room after showing his identity card.

Since it was not the first time the police had encountered incidents like that, they just made an interrogation room available for Pierre after verifying his identity.

“Pass me the cuffs,” Pierre said, taking out some bank notes worth as much as five hundred for the police, who swiftly pocketed them and passed Pierre the handcuffs. “Switch off the surveillance cameras too.”

“But this is against the rules,” Matthew Watterson replied with a frown. Still, Pierre gave him an assuring gaze, saying, “I need to settle a score with this guy over here. Nothing will happen. I’m sure you don’t want this record, right?”

Matthew agreed after giving it some thought, for he was the one who had allowed Pierre to use that place and given him the cuffs in the first place.

If Pierre was caught beating Donald to a pulp in there, there was no way Matthew would get away freely, so he looked at his watch and said, “You have fifteen minutes. Don’t cross the line. Things will get messy if he’s injured.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know well enough not to go overboard.” After seeing Matthew out of the room, Pierre put a cigarette in his mouth and looked at Donald condescendingly.

“I come across clueless arrogant people like you on and off every year. They’re all pretty tough before they’re hammered. Some even think they’re invincible. But after I teach them a lesson, everyone clings to my leg, crying and saying they will never repeat the same mistake.”

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