Son In Law Madness Chapter 564

Chapter 564 A Romantic Dinner

She walked over to Donald and sat right down on his lap before rubbing his face violently. “For real? Are you really snacking here while your wife does all the dirty job outside?”

The beguiling fragrance from her body wafted in the air around Donald, and he circled his left arm around her slim waist. It was not until Donald did that that Jennifer realized that they were behaving too intimately.

“What do you think you’re doing? We’re in the office.” Jennifer glanced at the door nervously, wondering how embarrassed it would be if Jane suddenly popped up at the door to talk about work.

Her face flushed red, but Donald refused to let her go no matter what. “Well done, my love. Would you like some chips?”

Donald took a huge piece of chip and held it out to Jennifer. The latter shot him a glare and pursed her lips tight. “Well, I’m not letting you go if you don’t open up. You know what to do,” Donald said slowly.

Tired of his tricks, Jennifer rolled her eyes at him coyly and pulled her sweet lips apart to bite the piece of chip. When Donald saw her juicy lips and white teeth, he leaned closer, whispering, “Since we’ve married again, tonight, can we—”

“No!” Jennifer’s heart raced, and she turned him down immediately. “We may have remarried, but I’m still not ready. So, no!” “Why answer so hastily? I didn’t even say what I wanted to do tonight,” Donald teased.

“No means no. I’m not changing my mind.” Donald shrugged and replied, “All right, then. I booked a place for a romantic dinner at a revolving restaurant tonight. But since you said no, I guess we are not going, then.”

“A revolving restaurant?” Jennifer’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Is it the one Dream International recently launched?” Like most people, Jennifer loved everything romantic.

The revolving restaurant Dream International opened in Pollerton was a hotspot among couples. It was hard to get a place.

Thrilled, Jennifer planted a kiss on Donald’s lips, but it so happened that the office door was swung open that instant, and Jane appeared in the office with a pile of documents.

“Ms. Wilson, this is the information about the—”

When Jane saw Jennifer sitting on Donald’s lap, she turned and walked out immediately with her face red. Back inside, Jennifer shot to her feet and punched Donald weakly in the chest.

“It’s all your fault! How am I supposed to carry myself around them as their boss now that they’ve seen me like this?” Charmed by her cuteness, Donald let out a mousy whine as she did and even pretended to feel hurt from her punch.

After spending some time in the office together, Donald drove Jennifer to Dream International. Since Kevin had smashed his luxury car, and Donald did not want to bring his other cars over, he resorted to a Volkswagen Passat in the garage of the company.

Given the popularity of the place, they could not find a parking space even when they had driven around the parking lot for a good ten minutes. “Darling! There! There’s a place there!”

Over in the passenger seat, Jennifer had her eyes wide, looking for parking spaces for Donald. She was so engrossed in that task that Donald found her expression adorable.

Having found the spot, Donald drove over and reversed the car into the parking space. Yet, just as Donald was positioning his car, a middle-aged woman in a yellow waistcoat with huge curls suddenly stopped his car from behind with her hands opened wide.

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