Son In Law Madness Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Putting An End To The Managers

Given the circumstance, the company will definitely find out the truth if they send people to conduct a spot check now.

As Yuval guessed, when he took out his phone to look at it, there was no cell signal in the conference room, where he could usually get a full bar signal. In fact, his phone showed that they were outside cellular network coverage.

“Ms. Wilson, don’t you think this is too much? We are experienced employees at the company. Who will take over all the seventeen projects if you’re suing all of us?”

“Yeah, Ms. Wilson. In all honesty, we are the ones who have been training those workers involved in the seventeen projects. If you fire us now, I doubt they will continue working for you.”

Looking at all the project managers in the conference room, Jennifer replied, “Dragon Fide Corporation was founded only yesterday. Even the company is new, so there are no so-called ‘experienced employees’ here. As for your concern about retaining those workers, you can rest assured. All of you will soon be put behind bars. Are you saying that they would love to follow you all there?”

We’re going to jail? The managers’ faces paled. She is cornering us to a dead end. Among the managers, the over-forty-year-old Tucker Zaleski was the most irascible. Since he had been skimping on building materials as much as Ianto, he would easily be sentenced to at least ten years of incarceration if there were to be a lawsuit.

With that in mind, the man slammed the table and warned Jennifer sternly, “Jennifer Wilson! You better cooperate when we are still being nice. Do you really think you can send us to jail just because you want to?”

When he was done shouting, he lunged toward her in a fit of rage without thinking about the consequences his actions would incur. At that moment, he just wanted to let Jennifer have a taste of his anger.

Seeing the bulky martial-art practitioner getting physical, the other managers felt stirred to action. They thought that if Tucker were to pounce on her, they could pretend to go forward to break them apart, then surreptitiously beat her up and even cripple her.

After all, there was no surveillance camera in the meeting room, so there would be no evidence that they had battered Jennifer.

More importantly, if Jennifer were to end up hospitalized, the company would be temporarily unsupervised, which meant that the investigation into the projects would be put aside for a while.

The thought roused the managers, and they looked forward to Tucker teaching Jennifer a good lesson so they could have a breather from all the mess she had caused. As Tucker raised his hand, Jennifer froze right where she was.

However, Tucker’s shriek pierced through the air the next second when Lara, standing behind Jennifer, suddenly jumped forward in front of Jennifer. Tucker’s hand landed on Lara’s arm, but the woman lifted him from the ground and swung him over her shoulder against the office table, crashing it into pieces.

The man lay in the wooden shreds and held his waist, wriggling in pain. After dealing a blow on Tucker, Lara returned to stand behind Jennifer as if what had just taken place was none of her business.

All the managers swallowed hard at the sight. What was that? How did a skinny woman like her even do that? Jennifer glanced at the men contemptuously and left without turning back.

Outside, the ten bodyguards Donald had mobilized were already standing in wait. Ianto’s escape had taught Jennifer a good lesson, so the second time around, she had brought all the managers to that conference room so she could root them out in one go.

Jennifer returned to the CEO’s office, only to see Donald sitting in her chair and watching a drama on his tablet. He even had a packet of chips in his hand, and there was a bottle of opened soft drink on the table.

Still recovering from the fight earlier, Jennifer fumed with anger when she saw how relaxed Donald was.

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