Son In Law Madness Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Fell Into Her Trap

“All right. I’ll go as far as I can and not cause you any trouble. Don’t worry,” Ianto said. Jennifer issued a memo to announce the suspension of all seventeen construction projects and the investigation she wanted to carry out. The seventeen project managers were like cats on a hot tin roof upon receiving the instruction.

One of the managers said, “All of you must have heard about the construction handled by Mr. Winzark’s brother-in-law, Ianto, right? I heard he’s a goner. Not only does Jennifer want to hold Ianto accountable, but she also ordered the construction team to demolish the entire building so that they could build from scratch again. Do you know how much we have to spend on that? Seven million! Clearly, she’s determined to restructure all the company’s projects at the expense of financial losses!”

All the project managers gathered in the conference room had been in the industry for years. How many of them dared to admit that they were men of integrity?

Should Jennifer’s restructuring exercise take place, these project managers would probably suffer the same fate as Ianto. “What’s your thought about this, Mr. Rinedere?”

Clad in a black jacket, Yuval Rinedere looked at them and said, “No matter what happens, we must unite and support each other. Imagine the seven-figure losses the company has to bear even if she plans to suspend a project for a day. Moreover, we’ve just started the Dragon Fide Project. Do you think Jennifer dares to remove all of us from it?”

“You’re right! What you said makes sense, Mr. Rinedere. We must stick together!” “She better show us some respect since we’re in the majority. If she doesn’t, we can always leave for greener pastures!”

The fear in all the project managers subsided considerably when they thought about that.

Deep in their hearts, they refused to acknowledge Jennifer as their superior. After all, the merger between the two companies was just a temporary move. In other words, they would only take orders from their bosses respectively.

Soon, someone opened the door to the conference room. Jennifer walked in with two assistants. She could not help but knit her brows upon noticing the puffs of smoke in the room.

After glancing at the no-smoking sign on the wall, she said, “Jane, note this down for me. All seventeen project managers will have to pay a fine of one thousand for violating the no-smoking rule.”

The project managers were struck dumb. Did she just fine us for smoking in the conference room? Either she has no idea how to manage people, or she doesn’t bother to respect us!

Yuval stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and said with a smile, “It’s a bad habit we picked up from construction sites. You’re right. We deserve to be punished. Ms. Wilson, why are you in a hurry to meet us? I’m afraid our absence from the construction sites, even for a day, will slow down the progress.”

“It’s nothing urgent. I just came here to inform you to drop by the legal department,” Jennifer uttered while gesturing for Jane to put a stack of documents on the desk.

“These are the investigation reports from the seventeen projects you oversee. Unfortunately, we discovered that the projects didn’t comply with industry standards. The company has decided to file a lawsuit against each of you.”

The project managers were at a loss for words upon hearing that. What is going on? Is she taking legal action against us without hearing us out?

Yuval’s expression instantly turned grim when he realized they had fallen into her trap. All the construction workers had always been looking up to and would not dare to cross the project managers.

If all the project managers were stationed at the construction sites, they could have found ways to stop the company’s investigation team from carrying out their duties. They could have prohibited Jennifer from entering the premises even if she was there in person.

Now that Jennifer had gathered all the project managers in the conference room, the site workers, who had no clue what was happening, were like sheep without a shepherd.

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