Son In Law Madness Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Projects To Be Suspended

Although Donald hoped to reboot the Dragon Fide Project, he also hoped Jennifer could make the right choice. He patiently waited for her to make up her mind. Will she compromise or defend her principle?

After a brief hesitation, Jennifer replied, “I’m sorry, Mr. Winzark. I can’t accept your money.” Her response was beyond everyone’s expectations.

The smile on Antonio’s face stiffened. He narrowed his eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Wilson. What did you say just now?” Antonio could not help but confirm. In a way, he was giving Jennifer another chance to change her answer.

Instead of giving him the answer he wanted, Jennifer put her foot down and asserted, “I said I can’t take the money, and I won’t accept the building in its current condition.”

Jennifer tilted her head to look at Filbert. “Since we discovered the team had cut corners in the construction of this fourteen-story building, make sure you note this down in the record. We’ll have to demolish the building by levels. Also, keep all the evidence because once the demolition is complete, I’ll open an investigation to identify the culprit responsible for the shoddy work.”

Never did Antonio think Jennifer would rule with an iron fist. Not only did she not appreciate his subservient attitude, but she also reaffirmed her intention to pursue the matter in front of everyone. What does this mean? She’s just trying to humiliate me and insisting on holding Ianto accountable!

“All right, Ms. Wilson. I’ll see to it right now.” Filbert was an employee of Novus Stella Group, a company that belonged to Wynter.

When first established, Novus Stella Group did not run a proper business. Wynter had set up this company merely because she needed a place to park her excess money and invest in random projects to grow her wealth.

Now that the company had merged with Dragon Fide Corporation, Wynter had made it clear that everyone in the Novus Stella Group must obey Donald.

Donald could increase employees’ salaries and promote them should he think they deserved a pay rise. Likewise, he could also dismiss employees who failed to meet his expectations anytime.

That was why Filbert appreciated the opportunity. He knew he had to curry favor with Donald if he wanted to scale the heights.

Jennifer continued, “We have to suspend all the other projects to inspect the structural integrity of the buildings. Should we detect any violations during the inspection, we’ll hold the person in charge accountable like how we did today.”

After finishing her sentence, she turned around and left the construction site. She did not bother showing Antonio any respect.

“Antonio, this b*tch may seem to be targeting me, but I can tell she’s coming at you. If you still don’t side with me, you’ll lose all the respect of the people in the company. If that happens, no one will listen to you anymore!”

Ianto was taken aback by Jennifer’s drastic action. Fearing that Antonio might leave him in the lurch, he started freaking out. “Shut up!” Antonio suppressed his anger. “What makes you think she’s coming at me? Did I earn a single cent from this jerry-built project? Do I have anything to do with it?”

Ianto panicked upon hearing that. “Come on, Antonio. Are you going to turn your back on me? They’ll put me behind bars!” “Why did you cut corners if you’re aware of the consequences?”

Cutting corners in a construction project might seem insignificant, but if the materials used were subpar and might cause structural failure to the building, the person in charge could be sentenced to jail.

The fact that Jennifer decided to take a stern approach in investigating all the projects was not to find fault with anyone but to tackle the ill practices in the industry.

Antonio sneered inwardly, Jennifer, you think you can run the world by being a perfectionist, huh? I’ll show you the difference between reality and the ideal world you imagined!

“Go and hide somewhere in the next couple of days. You can come back once I’ve taught that b*tch a lesson.”

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