Son In Law Madness Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Silence From Him

“Fighting each other to our deaths? You?” Donald scoffed. “You can’t even do so.” Fifteen minutes later, the technicians arrived on site to perform an echo structural inspection of all the walls as well as the floors.

Almost at the same time, Antonio rushed to the scene. “Antonio!” Ianto’s eyes lit up the moment he saw his brother-in-law.

Antonio shot Ianto a glare before rushing to Jennifer and Donald. With a smile on his face, he said, “I’m surprised that you could take the time to do an on-site inspection.”

Jennifer looked at Antonio and muttered, “I’d like to stay in my office too, but Ianto and his men beat up Bacco and the other workers to the point they had to be hospitalized. They even cut corners in the construction of this building. I can’t possibly stay in my office after learning this, can I?”

Hearing that, Antonio whipped his head around to yell at Ianto, “You b*stard, hurry up and apologize to them!”

The interaction with Ianto had infuriated Jennifer, so she instantly waved her hand and said, “We don’t need an apology. What we really need is the truth. Since you’re here, Mr. Winzark, please wait for a while. The results will be out soon.”

Antonio stared at the technician’s inspection tool. He knew what the results would be, for he knew well what kind of person Ianto was. As long as it was something Ianto could earn money with, he would be swift to learn the skills.

While it was not too unusual for people to use fewer reinforcing bars for the floors, Ianto would surely lose the fight against Donald and Jennifer if the latter two were to check things through.

Right then, one of the technicians came over to Jennifer and said, “Ms. Wilson, we’re done with the inspection. Indeed, there is a large number of reinforcing bars missing from the flooring of each floor. This building doesn’t meet the requirements to qualify for a resistant structure for a magnitude seven earthquake.”

So there really are lesser reinforcing bars than necessary, and it isn’t even a small amount! Antonio desperately wished he could lunge at Ianto and strangle him to death.

Yet, at the end of the day, Ianto was still his brother-in-law. Antonio had to think of a way to keep him safe.

He smiled at Jennifer and said, “Ms. Wilson, the results may not be accurate with this tool, and it’s possible that there are other kinds of particles within the concrete that interfered with the accuracy of the final results.”

It was not the technician’s first time encountering something like this. He just stood at the side in silence. It was already tough for him to earn a living. Whatever the others were going to do after he gave them the results had nothing to do with him, and it was pointless for him to seek trouble too.

“Ms. Wilson, I’d say it’s best for us to just let this matter go. I’ll make sure that Ianto strictly follows the blueprints in the future. Ms. Wilson, you’ve just taken office, but I didn’t have the time to prepare anything in my hurry. There are two million on this card. I hope you don’t mind the small amount. From now on, you and I are on the same boat, and I will do whatever you say.”

Two million was not a lot. What was worth most was Antonio’s declaration. If Jennifer were to accept the two million from him, no matter what she did in the future, Antonio would always be on her side.

There were twenty-three directors on the board of directors, and Antonio was one of them. Although Jennifer had the most shares among them, the key decisions in most companies were made by the board of directors instead of just by one director. As such, it was important for Jennifer to win over a director.

Ianto looked at Jennifer gleefully. As long as Jennifer’s a smart woman, she won’t reject Antonio’s offer. Besides, we’ve already built fourteen floors. So what if she finds out that there are issues with the floors of the first fourteen floors? She has no choice but to close an eye on this matter and keep building.

Right then, Jennifer turned to Donald, but he gave her no advice about the situation.

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