Son In Law Madness Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Fighting To The Death

“Is that so? So you’re telling me you’re helping the company save money and that I should be praising you instead?” “You don’t need to praise me, but if you’d like to, why don’t we have dinner together?”

Jennifer ignored Ianto’s teasing and said solemnly, “Since you said that you’re saving money for the company, I’m sure you must have done the same for the fourteen built floors, right? Is the money saved accounted for?”

Jennifer’s question made Ianto pale. There was no way he would cut corners to help the company save money; he was doing it simply so that he would earn more. There was no way the money saved was accounted for.

He cleared his throat and said to Jennifer, “Ms. Wilson, you’ve wronged me. I’ve been building per the requirements for the past fourteen floors. It was only when we reached the fifteenth floor did I start to think if we could do this with a smaller budget. So how am I to show you the numbers?”

Regardless of everything, Ianto was not going to admit to it. The building materials for the past fourteen floors are already all covered up. If I don’t admit to it, how will you prove that I haven’t built them per the requirements? It won’t work even if you’re the CEO.

It was Jennifer’s first time encountering something like this. Although she was angry, she had no idea how to deal with the situation. Right then, Donald took a step forward.

“You’re Ianto Jarlberg, right? You said you built the first fourteen floors in accordance with the blueprint. Is that correct? All the reinforcing bars were where they should be?”

Ianto glanced at Donald and questioned, “And who are you?” Filbert swiftly introduced, “This is Mr. Campbell—Donald Campbell—the executive director of the company.”

Upon hearing Donald’s position, Ianto held back himself.

He had heard about Donald from his brother-in-law. Donald was a loser who was abandoned by the Campbell clan, and yet, Donald was good at being a kept man. That was why so many women were willing to help him out when he established Dragon Fide Corporation.

Ianto’s brother-in-law, Antonio Winzark, was the CEO of Serenity Group. However, Serenity Group was a company under Scarlet Swan Villa. In other words, Reina was Antonio’s boss.

Donald, the ultimate kept man, had a good relationship with Reina, so Ianto had to be civil to Donald as much as he could. “That’s right. The first fourteen floors were built properly. You won’t find any issues with them.”

Donald nodded before taking out a recorder to pass it to Filbert. “Get the security from the worksite here and detain Ianto’s subordinates first. Then, send Bacco and the others to the hospital.”

Ianto’s eyes widened when he heard Donald’s words. “Donald, what right do you have to detain my men?”

“What right do I have?” Donald turned to Ianto expressionlessly. “You did not work according to the blueprint, and you let your subordinates beat people up. Not only do I want to detain your men, but I’m also going to hold you accountable for this legally.”

“What a joke! How can you hold me legally responsible for this? If you think that the construction of this floor doesn’t meet the specifications, I’ll get the people to add a few more reinforcing bars into the structure.”

“I’m not talking about this floor; I’m talking about the first fourteen floors,” Donald replied. His face devoid of expression, he said to Filbert, “Get the city council inspectors to take a trip here. I’d like to do a structural test on this building.”

Filbert hummed in response and called the relevant department without further ado. By then, Ianto was as pale as a sheet, as Donald would not give him any chance to escape the situation.

“Donald, Serenity Group still has over twenty projects with your company. You’ll be putting everyone in a tight spot if you insist on this. Besides, Antonio Winzark is my brother-in-law. I’m sure you know who he is, right?”

Indeed, Donald knew who Antonio was. The latter had been there at the meeting earlier in the day.

Ianto took out his phone to call Antonio. After ending the call with Antonio, he said to Donald, “Mr. Campbell, this matter today is neither grave nor trivial. If the two of you are willing to close an eye on this for my brother-in-law’s sake, I will surely keep this incident in my heart. But if you insist on blowing this up, we’ll end up fighting each other to our deaths.”

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