Son In Law Madness Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Trouble At The Construction Site

Tyrone pinned Svein with a withering look. “Are you afraid of dying?” Svein had worked under Tyrone for years and knew the latter well.

If I insist on persuading him to change his mind, Tyrone will kill me before the clan takes action. He will then assign another person to carry out his order. I will still die anyway.

Without a choice, Svein got on his knees and said in a trembling voice, “I am willing to risk my life for you, Mr. Tyrone.” “Good. Go get that done.” A cruel smile flitted across Tyrone’s lips. “No one can stop me from getting Jennifer.”

After leaving the room, Svein sent a secret letter to the clan to report that they had discovered a Ruins of Dragonia in Pollerton. The news caused an uproar in the Campbell family, and Hamish was dispatched to Pollerton immediately.

Meanwhile, Braxton’s grandmother, Agnes, flew into a fit of rage and sent Moses Irving to Pollerton to investigate Braxton’s death and find the culprit to restore their reputation.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had no idea what had just happened. After the meeting, she decided to resume the Dragon Fide Villa development, using advanced technology and the latest planning concepts to make Dragon Fide Villa the most high-end residential area for rich people.

Dragon Fide Corporation would take care of the design and planning. However, as Dragon Fide Villa spanned a large area, it would take at least five years to complete the project if they were to rely on their own construction teams.

To increase the efficiency of the construction, Jennifer decided to recruit other construction companies by outsourcing some parts of the project.

Dragon Fide Corporation was against the Ten Prestigious Families, so many people weren’t optimistic about the future of Dragon Fide Villa.

However, the future development of Dragon Fide Villa wasn’t their main concern. Dragon Fide Corporation wanted to outsource some parts of the project, so the qualified companies fought to win the bid to make money quickly.

“Ms. Wilson, the CEOs of the companies who won the bid are here. Do you need to talk to them?”

Jane placed the files of the companies who won the bid on Jennifer’s desk. The latter flipped through the files and frowned. “Aren’t these companies the Queen family’s subsidiaries?”

The Queen family is one of the Ten Prestigious Families. Why did their subsidiaries bid for Dragon Fide Corporation’s project?

“Ms. Wilson, the dozens of companies who are capable enough of winning the bid are all subsidiaries of the Ten Prestigious Families. The other companies were either not qualified or too inexperienced to win the bid. If you think it is inappropriate, I can hold another public bidding again.”

“No need. They will do for now.” Jennifer knew Jane was speaking the truth. Pollerton was a small city but was monopolized by the Ten Prestigious Families. As such, they ended up dabbling in every industry available.

If Dragon Fide Corporation wanted to expand its business, it would have to work with the Ten Prestigious Families’ companies instead of operating behind closed doors.

Jennifer signed the confirmation document as approval for part of the Dragon Fide Villa project to be outsourced to these companies. Jane was about to leave the office with the signed document when another assistant, Filbert Yoanno, rushed in hastily. He was wearing a safety helmet on his head.

“Ms. Wilson, bad news! Something happened at Area One’s site!” Dragon Fide Villa spanned a huge area, so the entire site was divided into twenty-five areas. Area One consisted of high-rise buildings outsourced to their own construction companies.

As their own companies were responsible for the construction, everything should go smoothly. On the way there, Jennifer listened to Filbert’s report and realized how serious the situation was.

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