Son In Law Madness Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Hamish Campbell

His butler, Svein, pondered over the matter before answering, “Even if it wasn’t Donald, the mysterious person who saved Jennifer must be acquainted with him. Otherwise, Donald wouldn’t be with Jennifer every time she got rescued.”

Svein’s words caused Tyrone to fall into deep thought. Previously, he had heard from someone that the young Raymond got to know many friends from all corners of the country due to his generosity. These friends later got successful. Some became government officials in Yaleview, while some became outstanding experts.

The person who protected Jennifer in secret could’ve owed Raymond a favor, right? That was why he kept saving Jennifer. As that thought occurred to Tyrone, he refused to sit back and do nothing.

No wonder Donald looks confident whenever he faces the Ten Prestigious Families even though he’s useless. If my guess is right, Donald will never be defeated. The Ten Prestigious Families will have to go against Dragon Fide Corporation in the corporate world.

“Contact the clan and ask them to send Hamish over to help us.” “Hamish? Hamish Campbell?” Svein’s eyes turned as wide as saucers. “Mr. Tyrone, Hamish is a Mortal Realm expert. I don’t think Old Mr. Campbell will agree to transfer him to Pollerton.”

The number of Stellar Warriors in a prestigious family was the benchmark to judge its capability, but the number of Mortal Realm experts in a prestigious family showed how far it could progress.

The Campbell family had five hundred years of heritage but only had four Mortal Realm experts. Hamish was the youngest Mortal Realm expert in the Campbell family, so they had high hopes for him to achieve the Ether Realm one day.

Hence, Hamish was way more important than Tyrone in the Campbell family. Without a valid reason, the Campbell family would never send Hamish to Pollerton. “Just tell them we found a Dragonia Badge in Pollerton,” Tyrone managed between gritted teeth.

Hearing that, Svein slumped to the ground as his legs gave out. In the Age of Degeneration, there was a lack of warriors. Everyone had difficulty advancing to the next level due to the lack of resources.

However, the Campbell family was able to create many Mortal Realm experts as they had gotten their hands on a Dragonia Badge by chance. Legend had it that there were thirty-six Paradise Sanctuaries as well as one hundred and eight Ruins of Dragonia.

The Paradise Sanctuaries and Ruins of Dragonia actually existed in another dimension. They were full of spiritual energy and resources. Those who were lucky might even discover their ancestor’s legacy there.

The Campbell family’s Ancient Dragonia Badge was the turning point that allowed them to increase their combat skills. The Ancient Dragonia Badge was the key to activating the Ancient Ruins of Dragonia. Every three years, it would allow ten people to cultivate inside.

The talented members of the Campbell family could advance two to four levels in one go. Even those who weren’t that talented could advance one or two levels after cultivating in there.

However, the Ancient Ruins of Dragonia imposed limits on the cultivators. Everyone could only enter the ruins three times in their lives. Those who tried to enter more than three times would explode and die.

Back when Hamish was a Duplet Stellar Warrior, he had entered the Ancient Ruins of Dragonia twice in a row. In just six years, he had progressed from a Duplet Stellar Warrior to the Mortal Realm expert he was now.

Hamish had one more chance to enter the Ancient Ruins of Dragonia. Once he achieved the Ether Realm, the Campbell family’s business could expand again. Thus, the discovery of a new Ruins of Dragonia was the only reason for the clan to send Hamish to Pollerton.

Nevertheless, Svein knew there were no new Ruins of Dragonia in Pollerton. Tyrone wanted him to lie to the clan, so they would both be sentenced to death if their lie was exposed.

“Mr. Tyrone, lying about the Ruins of Dragonia is a crime worthy of death! Please think twice about it. You can’t act recklessly!”

Tyrone snorted and declared, “If Jennifer has someone capable behind her back, our men won’t be his match. I’m suffering from this illness and need Jennifer. If I don’t get her, I’m no different from a dead man. The mysterious man helping Jennifer might not be Hamish’s match, so we must make him come to Pollerton. About the death sentence…”

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