Son In Law Madness Chapter 555

Chapter 555 The Video

Jennifer glanced at Donald to seek his thoughts on the matter. Donald shrugged and told her, “You’re the CEO, so I’ll do whatever you say.”

Jennifer thought about it and replied, “Arrange a meeting for me this afternoon. Gather all the managers in charge of each department so that I get to meet them all. Besides, I want to listen to their suggestions to decide whether we should come up with a new plan for Dragon Fide Villa.”

“Got it, Ms. Wilson.” Donald gave her the thumbs up. I was right about her. Indeed, Jennifer is a talented businessperson. Previously, Linda and Leonard oppressed her so much that she couldn’t show her talent. They are really narrow-minded.

While Jennifer got busy with work in the office, Donald had nothing to do. Right then, he received a call. A man’s polite voice rang out. “Lord Campbell, the Irving family has discovered Braxton’s body. Should we publish the video on the internet now?”

The man’s name was Billy Fall, a capable subordinate whom Donald had transferred over from Quadfield.

Billy was an Octo Stella Warrior in the divine stage, and he was in charge of an intelligence organization known as Dark Crows. It was the best intelligence organization known to the world.

Now that I want to reinstate the Dragon Fide Project, the Ten Prestigious Families and other forces will definitely turn their attention to Pollerton. If anything happens in Pollerton, I’ll need to know the details immediately to devise a counterattack plan.

“Publish the video. I can’t wait to see the Irving family’s reaction.” “Got it, Lord Campbell.” Not long after the call ended, a video went viral online. It showed Braxton getting beaten up by a man.

The man’s face was blurred, and his voice was altered. In the video, Braxton, known for strutting around Pollerton arrogantly, was beaten to a pulp. He even knelt and groveled at the man’s feet as ordered.

The video immediately caused an uproar in Pollerton. It didn’t matter who was behind the incident, for it was a slap in the face to the Campbell family.

They were utterly humiliated. As Tyrone watched the video in his house, his face was as dark as thunder while his butler stood behind him quietly. “Are you saying that Braxton is dead?” he repeated in disbelief.

His butler nodded and revealed, “Yes, Mr. Tyrone. I received information from our spy saying that Braxton was beaten up so badly that his bones were all crushed. It is safe to say that he’s now a mound of meat.”

Hearing that, Tyrone gasped in horror and felt his throat go dry. He didn’t forget how his butler mentioned that Braxton most probably died in the hotel in a horrible state after the latter kidnapped Jennifer.

Who exactly is Jennifer Wilson? Previously, when Oscar kidnapped her, Est Montaigne was razed to the ground, and now, Braxton was beaten to a pulp after he kidnapped Jennifer. Who is the person protecting her? Could it be a Novem Stella Warrior?

“Mr. Tyrone, are we still taking action as planned tonight?” the butler inquired carefully. “No. Let’s wait a while more,” Tyrone ordered in a deep voice. “We can’t take action until we find out who the person protecting Jennifer in secret is.”

“Could it be Donald?” the butler asked. “If my eyes haven’t deceived me, Donald seems to be with Jennifer every time she returns safely.”

Hearing that, Tyrone burst out laughing. “Svein, are you joking? Are you saying that Donald was the one who protected Jennifer by destroying Est Montaigne and killing Braxton? If Donald is indeed that capable, why would he be bullied by the Ten Prestigious Families? He could’ve wiped us out easily!”

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