Son In Law Madness Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Back To Work

“Yeah, I’m truly sorry that you married a good-for-nothing like me. In that case, let’s get a divorce.” Linda could hardly believe her ears. “What did you just say?”

Leonard watched her calmly. “We can get a divorce if you can no longer stand me. Otherwise, you can use your own money to pay for your son’s medical bills.”

Leonard left after saying that, leaving Linda and Zander behind, both too stunned to do anything else. Come morning, Jennifer and Donald got their marriage certificate.

The sun shone on Jennifer as she stepped out of the City Hall, having gotten a new lease on life. “Come on. I’ll buy you a nice meal.”

Jennifer was in a good mood as she held Donald’s arm and trotted her way to the nearest mall. “Seeing that we’ve now remarried and that Dragon Fide Corporation is established, when are you going to check out the company, Ms. Wilson?”

Jennifer blinked as she asked Donald, “Are you okay with me being the CEO of Dragon Fide Corporation? I worry about screwing up since I’ve never run such a large company.”

“You never know without trying,” he coerced. “I’ll go to the company with you after finishing our meal.”

Jennifer was planning on taking a break, but she didn’t choose a restaurant with a long waiting time when she heard they would be heading to the company. Instead, she grabbed a quick bite and left for the company with Donald.

Due to reasons such as the huge amount of assets the company owned and the wide range of industries it was involved in, Donald bought the Twin Towers as Dragon Fide Corporation’s office.

He handed the nametag he had prepared earlier on to Jennifer. Thus, they could take the elevator to go upstairs for work without needing to clock in at the register.

The Twin Towers were divided into two towers with thirty-two floors each, equipped with sixteen elevators. Jennifer had a personal elevator for CEOs. When she stood in front of the elevator with Donald, they attracted the attention of the other employees.

“Isn’t that Mr. Campbell? Who’s that standing next to him?”

“That’s Ms. Wilson. Didn’t you watch the Supreme Gala?” The employees greeted the two of them after recognizing them.

Unused to such a scene, Jennifer hid behind Donald and pretended not to notice them. She realized she was blushing upon entering the elevator.

“You were so distant back there, Ms. Wilson. I like it.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes at Donald when he deliberately teased her. “You better stop! It’s all because you appointed me as CEO without my consent! I’ll step down from the position if you continue teasing me.”

“Okay, okay. I was merely joking. Work hard today, and I have a surprise for you tonight.” Jennifer’s office was on the thirty-second floor, from where she could overlook the entire Salinsburgh River. It was one of the best spots to admire the river view.

Jennifer noticed two women already waiting for her in the office upon arriving there with Donald. One of them was Jane Gibbs, who would be her assistant, and the other was Lara Watson, who would be in charge of her safety.

She threw herself into work as soon as she entered the office. First, she held a quick meeting with Jane to familiarize herself with the various projects the company had been working on.

“Ms. Wilson, Dragon Fide Villa is Dragon Fide Corporation’s core project. Back then, the project was put on hold when its progress was only at thirty percent due to issues with funds and policies. Should we proceed to complete the remaining seventy percent of the project? Please advise on the matter, Ms. Wilson.”

Jane was asking that because the plans and designs for the villas were done a few years ago. Although they weren’t particularly outdated, it would be an exaggeration to say that they would become the best luxury residential development for rich people from all around the world.

After all, a lot of mansions and villas would come with their own infinity pools and their community’s own prime commercial area. The financial planning required of those alone was way beyond that of Dragon Fide Villa’s.

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