Son In Law Madness Chapter 553

Chapter 553 No More

“Why are you claiming to be my mother-in-law?” Donald questioned while glaring at Linda. “You better show some respect, or else you’re going to regret it.”

“Hmph, I think I hear a threat,” said Linda with her hands on her waist. “Haven’t you been planning to remarry my daughter? I will be your mother-in-law once you remarry her! Now, Kevin is hospitalized and needs one million for his medical fees. Haven’t you established Dragon Fide Corporation, Donald? You can definitely afford one million. Hand it over.”

Before Donald could say a word, Jennifer, who had been standing beside him, rejected her, “I am no longer a part of your family, Linda. Please do not interfere with my family’s life ever again.”

“What did you just say?” Linda exclaimed while gawking at Jennifer. “I went through the pain to raise you for more than twenty years! How dare you cut ties with me? What an ungrateful child I’ve raised!”

Jennifer was unfazed as she watched Linda hollering.

Although she did grow up among the Wilson family, both Linda and Leonard favored their son more. As Kevin’s elder sister, Jennifer had always yielded to him. She had even given him all her salary, only for him to waste it all on luxuries.

Before meeting Donald, she never thought anything of it. After all, Kevin was the only son in the family.

It wasn’t until after she met Donald that she realized women should also stand up for themselves and have their own opinion.

For the longest time, Jennifer spent her life dictated by Linda, but she no longer felt like remaining under the latter’s control.

“Whatever. We’re no longer associated with each other. Get out of my way.”

Jennifer stepped forward to shove Linda aside. It was a gentle shove, but Linda staggered backward in an exaggerated manner before slumping onto the floor.

“Jennifer Wilson! She’s your biological mother! How dare you treat her like that?”

Despite being pliant while dealing with the debt collectors, Zander showed indignation while in Jennifer’s presence.

He raised his hand and was about to slap Jennifer in the face. However, Donald reacted swiftly by kicking him in the stomach and toppling him over onto the floor. Zander struggled to get back up, his hands clutching his stomach.

The only person who remained standing was Leonard. Jennifer glowered at him. “Do you plan on standing in my way too, Leonard?”

Leonard opened his mouth but said nothing, words on the tip of his tongue.

It would be a lie to claim that he felt nothing for his daughter, whom he had raised for more than twenty years.

However, Linda had always been in charge of family matters, and he never had a say in it.

When he realized Jennifer was intent on cutting ties with them, something inside him shattered. Yet, he seemed to have found something else at the same time.

“I wish you all the best.”

He stepped aside after saying that.

Jennifer latched herself to Donald as they entered the elevator. Her tears finally rolled down her cheeks the moment the doors closed.

“We can always come back if you can’t go through with the cut-off,” Donald reassured.

“No.” Jennifer had a resolute expression as she spoke. “I will never forget what they’ve done to me, nor will I ever return to them. From now on, I will only be your wife and no longer affiliated with them.”

Donald caressed her head and brought her back to his dwelling.

“Leonard, what did you mean by that? Who were you giving your blessings to? Are you still a man?”

“Enough!” Leonard wore a morose expression. “Kevin wouldn’t have ended up like this if it weren’t for you spoiling him. Are you happy now that Jennifer cut ties with us?”

Linda was startled, her eyes wide.

“Are you shouting at me, Leonard? If I hadn’t married a coward like you, I wouldn’t have led such an unfulfilled life!”

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