Son In Law Madness Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Cut Ties

However, Leonard wasn’t as agitated as Linda because he knew they needed Donald’s help. Hence, Leonard immediately altered his manner of speech. “We are indeed at fault in this matter. After all, to err is human. Kevin is Jenny’s younger brother. If you cause our entire family to lose our lives because of your car, do you think Jenny will ever forgive you?”

Right after he finished his sentence, an indifferent voice suddenly rang out from the phone’s speaker. “Donald, just forgive them this time. From now on, I’ll cut ties with them. After saving their lives, I, Jennifer Wilson, won’t owe them anything anymore.”

Jennifer? How come she’s with Donald? Before Leonard could wrap his mind around the situation, Donald hung up the phone again.

This time, no matter how many times Leonard tried to redial the number, the calls were instantaneously cut off. It seemed like Donald had blocked Linda’s number.

We’re doomed. The three of us are done for. Taking in Leonard’s expression, Armando figured the conversation didn’t go well. He was about to get up and leave the room when his phone suddenly rang.

After he was done talking on the phone, he glanced at Leonard and his family before uttering nonchalantly, “Consider yourselves lucky. The car’s owner decided not to pursue this matter further. Toss them out so that they won’t stay here as eyesores.”

Subsequently, the trio was chased onto the streets. Colleen and Zander, who had been hiding at the corner of the road, swiftly drove their van over. “How is it, Linda? Are you okay?”

“Do we appear fine? Hurry up and send us to the hospital. Just take a look at how badly they’ve injured my son!” Linda’s heart wrenched at the sight of Kevin, who was covered in blood.

After Zander drove Kevin to the hospital, the doctor examined the latter briefly and said to the others, “The bones in his fingers were crushed. It will be quite difficult for us to repair the damage. If we carry out the surgery at once, there may still be a fifteen percent chance for him to recover. You all must decide whether to let the patient undergo the operation.”

“Yes. We are willing to let him undergo surgery! Please hurry up and make the arrangements, doctor!”

“The surgery fee is one million in total. Who among you will pay the bill first?”

“One million?” Linda was taken aback.

She had one million with her at that moment. However, she had accumulated that amount by transferring the money from the company and borrowing from others.

If the sum were used to pay the medical bill, her company would go bankrupt after operating for less than two days.

“Mom, I’m facing this predicament because of Donald, so he should pay the fees!”

At the mention of Donald, Kevin gritted his teeth in exasperation. If it weren’t for Donald’s luxury car, I wouldn’t have to suffer in this manner.

“That’s right. Isn’t he remarrying Jennifer? He’ll be part of the Wilson family after the marriage. Now that his brother-in-law is in trouble, he cannot just stand idly by!”

Leonard, standing at one side, said while wearing a wry smile, “Darling, Jennifer has already cut ties with us. Do you think Donald will still fork out that one million for Kevin? Moreover, don’t forget that we were the ones who offered Braxton the opportunity to bed Jennifer.”

“So what if we did? We have Jenny’s best interest at heart. I simply didn’t anticipate Braxton to be so unreliable.”

Linda took out fifty thousand to let Leonard pay the bill. Then, she told Kevin, “Stay here in the hospital tonight, son. I’ll meet up with your sister right away. I don’t believe she would do nothing and watch as you become a cripple!”

With that, she strode toward the hospital’s exit, panting with rage. To make herself appear more intimidating, Linda even asked her brother, Zander, and her husband, Leonard, to tag along with her. The three took a taxi to Donald and Jennifer’s marital residence.

Right after the doors to the elevator were opened, Linda stumbled into Donald, who was helping Jennifer out of the room.

Linda strode up to Donald furiously, pointed her finger at him, and scolded, “D*mn you, Donald! Aren’t you getting full of yourself? How dare you block your mother-in-law’s phone number?”

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