Son In Law Madness Chapter 551

Chapter 551 Support

Losing his patience, Armando shot a look at his subordinate, and the latter instantly swung the hammer in his hand without hesitation. “Ah! My hand!”

Another one of Kevin’s fingers was crushed. Linda, heart aching, wanted to stand up but was held in place by two burly men. “Please, I beg you. Stop torturing my son. I’ll make the call again. I’ll call him right now!”

Linda tried redialing Braxton’s number. His phone is turned off. It’s still turned off! She was on the verge of losing her mind

At the thought of Braxton ravaging Jennifer to his heart’s content, yet she couldn’t even establish contact with him at that moment when she needed him the most, Linda realized for the first time that she might’ve underestimated members of the prestigious families.

Putting aside the possibility of the call being connected, even if Braxton did pick up the phone, would he be willing to fork out one hundred and seventy million to save Kevin because of her?

After three failed call attempts, Armando got to his feet and said to his men, “Toss this family of three into the river. Make sure to clean up the mess and don’t leave any traces behind.”

“No! I know someone else! I’ll call him at once. There’s definitely a solution to this problem.”

Armando flashed a contemptuous smile. “What? Are you saying you’re acquainted with another person capable of paying one hundred and seventy million?”

“I know that car’s owner. If he agrees not to pursue this matter, does that mean we’ll be fine?”

Armando was momentarily stunned. Then, he poured himself a new glass of red wine. “Sure. If you can obtain the car owner’s forgiveness, I’ll forget everything that happened here today.”

As the person in charge of the Supreme Gala’s inventory, Armando was making things difficult for Kevin merely because he wanted to provide an explanation to the car’s owner.

Naturally, if the latter decided to let that matter go, they wouldn’t need to trouble Kevin and the others anymore. Besides, Armando was also interested in getting to know the person who could afford to drive a luxury car like Apollo.

Linda took out her phone and dialed Donald’s number with trembling hands. After the call rang four times, Donald finally answered.

She hurriedly said, “Donald, did you buy the car you drove today? Kevin smashed your car and was captured. You must hurry up and tell these people to let Kevin go.”

On the other end of the call, Donald had just sent Jennifer back to their marital residence. He fell silent for a few moments before uttering, “Kevin wrecked my car?”

“Yes. He wanted to ruin the car to vent his anger, but someone caught him. Hurry up—”

Before she could finish the sentence, he hung up the call.

Donald sneered inwardly. First, they abducted Jennifer and sent her to Braxton’s bed. Then, they let Kevin thrash my car to vent his anger, yet they are expecting me to help save him now? Do Linda and her family take me as a pushover?

“How is it, Darling?” Leonard asked in a hurry. “D*mn it! I can’t believe that b*stard Donald dares to hang up my call!”

Linda was livid as she had never taken the initiative to contact Donald. Unexpectedly, when she so rarely did so, he dared hang up on her.

Leonard smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t you know how to assess the circumstances? How can you still behave in this ill-tempered manner? Give me the phone. I’ll talk to him.”

Leonard received the device and dialed Donald’s number. He called thrice before the latter finally picked up.

“Donald, don’t end the call first. I know you’ve been yearning to remarry Jenny, and you’re still in love with her, right? Let’s make a deal. If you agree not to pursue this matter about Kevin ruining your car, my entire family will support you two to become a married couple again, and we’ll never trouble you in the future.”

“Are you sure? If you truly support our marriage, why did you send Jennifer to Braxton’s place?” Leonard’s heart sank. How did Donald know about this matter?

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