Son In Law Madness Chapter 550

Chapter 550 One Hundred And Seventy Million

Gritting her teeth, Linda replied, “No. There’s no time for that. Let’s bring a million to the Azure Dragon Club and see who they are. We can then bring Mr. Irving’s name up if there are no other choices. I’m sure they’ll be afraid of him and not hurt Kev.”

Confidently, Linda began to transfer the company’s money into her bank account. Once she received a million in total, the car happened to stop at the Azure Dragon Club’s entrance.

With a terrified look, Zander said to Linda, “Linda, I’m not going in with you. I’ll wait outside.” “Get lost, then, you wimp!”

Linda did not have much hope for Zander because she knew he was useless. After a while, Linda and Leonard hopped out and walked toward the building. However, someone blocked them as soon as they arrived at the entrance.

“What do you want to do here?” one of the lackeys asked as he stood right in front of the door. “I’m here to bring my son back. We’ve prepared a million.”

The two lackeys at the door obviously knew what was going on. Without asking any further questions, they led Linda and Leonard into the nightclub. The nightclub was a foul place that was filled with people with tattoos.

Linda could not help but gulp, feeling nervous. If their negotiation with the Azure Dragon Club failed, they would not be able to retreat safely. When it came down to it, Braxton would be their only lifeline.

Once the lackeys opened a private room door, Linda saw Kevin lying on the table with blood all over his face. His teeth were knocked out, whereas the index finger and thumb on his right hand were broken. “My son! Why did they torture you this badly?”

As Linda hugged Kevin, tears streamed down her face. Meanwhile, Armando, who sat on the couch, gazed at his watch and stated, “You’re thirty minutes late. I have to break another of his finger.”

Once Armando made a gesture, his lackey grabbed a hammer, about to do the deed. “Wait! We’re close to Mr. Irving. You can’t hurt us!”

“Mr. Irving?” Armando waved his hand to gesture for his lackey to stop before looking at Linda. “Which Mr. Irving are you talking about?” he asked, intrigued.

“Braxton Irving! He’s the son of the Irving family, one of the Ten Prestigious Families!” “Interesting,” Armando commented, lifting his chin smugly. “In that case, tell him to bring one hundred and seventy million to save your son.”

What? One hundred and seventy million? Linda almost dropped her phone once she heard the staggering amount. Braxton is neither a relative nor a friend to us. Why would he fork out one hundred and seventy million to save my son? Also, why did the ransom increase?

While Linda was startled, Armando smiled contemptuously. “What? Didn’t you say you were close with Mr. Irving? As one of the prestigious families, the Irving family can surely fork out one hundred and seventy million.”

After coming to her senses, Linda asked embarrassedly, “Mister, may I ask why you’re asking for one hundred and seventy million? What did Kevin do to pay such a price?”

“He smashed an Apollo, of which only one hundred units exist worldwide. You guys know about it, don’t you? Since the car is beyond repair, we can only ask for compensation based on its original price, which is one hundred and seventy million.”

“Wasn’t that car a counterfeit? Kev, explain to him that the car was a counterfeit.” Bang!

The next moment, a thug slapped Linda’s face. “Do you mean Mr. Xuereb can’t differentiate a genuine car from a counterfeit? You have three minutes. Ask Mr. Irving to bring the money here now. Otherwise, you’ll end up collecting a dead body later!”

Linda was terrified by his menacing words and dared not speak a word. She then quickly took out her phone to call Braxton, only to realize his phone was still turned off. “He… turned off his phone.”

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