Son In Law Madness Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Bring A Million To Save Your Son

“I want it.” After giving Zander money, Linda took out another six hundred for Colleen. Given that Colleen was not Linda’s immediate family member, she had to be more generous.

Upon receiving the money, Colleen was delighted. While counting the banknotes, she said to Linda, “It’s good to do business with you, Linda. We also hope Jennifer could find herself a perfect match. Please remember that part of the credits tonight goes to me.”

“Sure, sure. Both of you can get the credit and the reward.” After that, Linda leaned back against the chair and closed her eyes to rest.

I’ll be part of the prestigious family after tonight. Just when Linda dreamed about her wonderful life ahead, her phone rang. Upon seeing the caller was Kevin, she was furious. “Oh, so now he remembers to call me? How ridiculous! It’s been so long!”

Linda accepted the call in anger. “Kevin, where have you been?” she questioned. After moments of silence, a male’s deep voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

“Are you Kevin’s mother, Linda?”

“Who are you?” Linda was startled for a while before a thought flashed across her mind. “Did you steal my son’s phone? You better return the phone to him immediately, or else I won’t let you off the hook. Do you know who I am? I’m—”

Suddenly, Linda heard a hysterical cry before she could finish. Instantly, a shiver ran down her spine as she asked in a trembling voice, “Kev? Is that you? What did you guys do to my son? Who are you?”

The man shouted impatiently, “Why are you talking so much? Your son smashed my customer’s car. Bring a million to Azure Dragon Club in an hour! I’ll cut off your son’s finger every ten minutes you’re late.”

With that, the man hung up the phone. Feeling terrified, Linda covered her mouth and burst into tears. “What do I do? They kidnapped Kev and want us to bring a million for them, or else they’ll kill Kev!” “Linda, could it be a scam?”

While driving the car, Zander said confidently, “I know everyone in Pollerton. Who dares kidnap my nephew? Call him back and ask which sect he’s from.”

“He said he’s from the Azure Dragon Club. Do you know about it?” Linda flashed him a hopeful glance.

However, he was rendered speechless upon hearing the man came from the Azure Dragon Club. “Say something! Didn’t you say you know everyone in Pollerton?”

Putting on a wry smile, Zander replied, “I know everyone in Pollerton, but they might not know me. Linda, I’m not sure how Kev would get in trouble with the Azure Dragon Club. They are known to be ruthless. I think we should give them the money to avoid courting misfortune.”

“Is there really no other way?” Zander nodded. “We shouldn’t go tough with them because they can do anything if they’re pissed off.”

Linda was in despair once she heard his words. It would not be difficult for Linda to get a million. She could save about a million once she suspended her plan to open a company with Leonard.

However, she was unwilling to give up the money. “Should we call Mr. Irving to request his help to resolve the matter?” Leonard proposed.

“Good idea! Jenny’s about to become Mr. Irving’s wife soon, anyway. We can ask a favor from him,” Linda agreed and immediately took out her phone to call Braxton.

However, his phone remained turned off when she tried calling him countless times. “Should we drive back to look for Mr. Irving?”

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