Son In Law Madness Chapter 548

Chapter 548 Crush His Legs

“Well, I entered.” “Impossible. Where are my bodyguards outside?” “Are you referring to the bunch of trash? I cleared them up before coming in.”

“You cleared them up?” Braxton initially doubted that Donald was merely bragging but was startled upon meeting his gaze, for the latter seemed extremely driven by murderous intent.

Moreover, Braxton somehow saw himself looking like a weakling in Donald’s eyes. At that moment, he was not even sure why he was feeling that way. This Donald is not the piece of trash that I’m accustomed to! “W-Who are you?”

“I’m Donald Campbell from Quadfield.” Donald Campbell from Quadfield? Could he be Lord Campbell from Quadfield?

“No! It can’t be!” As Braxton went weak in the knees, he slumped onto the floor. After placing Jennifer gently on the bed, Donald looked at Braxton loftily like a god staring down a lowly creature.

“How dare you bully my woman? Have you thought about how you want to die?” “Rosie! Are you dead? Come and save me!”

Braxton regretted instructing Rosie to leave earlier just because he wanted to lay his fingers on Jennifer. Otherwise, Rosie could have at least rescued him, even though they might be facing the mighty Lord Campbell.

While Braxton was a bundle of nerves, Donald picked up the camera on the floor and pointed it at him.

“Come on, scream. I like it when you scream, especially when your eyes are filled with desperation.” D*mn it. Is he a pervert?

“Lord Campbell, I made a grave mistake. I didn’t know Jennifer’s your woman. I’m willing to transfer all my assets to you if you let me go.” “Do you think I’m short of money?”

“I think… Ah!” Before Braxton could finish, Donald stepped on his left leg and crushed his bones. “You… Why… Ah!”

The next moment, Donald stepped on his right leg to crush it as well. “I said I wanted to hear you scream. Go on. Continue.”

At the same time, Donald took pictures of Braxton’s pained expression from different angles as though he was a professional cameraman. No one knew how horrible the torture Braxton was experiencing now.

Meanwhile, Linda and Leonard grinned happily as they were on their way back in the minibus. They imagined becoming Braxton’s parents-in-law after he slept with Jennifer tonight.

“Linda, you’re the smartest. I know Jennifer has been stubborn since she was young. However, you brought her into submission easily. Hehe.” While driving, Zander asked tentatively, “Linda, I came all the way to settle Jennifer’s marriage. How much money can I get in return?”

Linda snickered upon hearing it. All he thinks about is money. “What’s the rush? After Jenny becomes Mr. Irving’s wife, money won’t be a problem.”

“I’m not rushing, but I’m a little strapped recently and short of living expenses. Linda, can you lend me some money? I’ll return the money to you in two days!”

Linda knew Zander well—he never returned the money that he borrowed. However, since he performed well today, Linda did not want to be stingy.

When she took out four hundred for Zander, he shouted, “Four hundred? Linda, don’t you think it’s not enough? How about giving me an extra banknote?”

“Do you want the money or not? Give it back to me if you don’t want it.”

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